There is a bigger conversation that needs to take place with Single Mothers


by Belinda Kendall

They need to understand that once that baby is birthed by you, your dreams, and desires are null and void, and its all about that child now.

Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.” For some reason mothers are not understanding this verse and/or the meaning of a Heritage/Reward.

Heritage,“A special or individual possession; an allotted portion. God’s chosen people (the people of Israel , or the Christian Church.)”

If you can’t take care of a gift from God, why should God give you anything else?

A company will not invest in a non-profit if the CEO/Founder is taking more than 25% of the donation for their salary. You are the CEO/Founder of your company/family and if you are dressed to the nine and your children’s clothes are always dirty, hair uncombed, and not clean why would a man think about investing his hard earned money into you? Because sooner than later he knows he will start looking just like the children.

A Mother’s Love has been used for years to describe God’s love for his children. God even refers to us as His children and He as our Father. So if you think its cute to embarrass your children in public, talk down to them, or even mistreat them and spank them in public what makes you think a man wants to have any part of that. The last thing on his mind is starting a family with you, because he doesn’t want his seed to be mistreated. If a man takes up with you with this behavior he is either looking at you as a booty call, or he is just as broken as you are. Thus the relationship you have with them is unhealthy and leaves you feeling empty.

If you are praying for a man your prayer should go like this, “God send me a man that loves you the most, loves my children, and then me. Now that may seem backwards to some people that you put the children before yourself, but if your crop is dying because there has been no rain, you won’t pray that God sends rain to your address only, but to the city or state you live in. Why? Because if the city/state gets the rain that is needed you will get rain also.

You have a Heritage/Reward from God in the form of your child. You’ve got a piece of God and don’t even know how to treat it. Thus the reason your prayers may go unanswered.


Wisdom speaks louder than words


by Belinda Kendall

When you meet someone and they start to remind you of another person you dealt with before, and the relationship was unhealthy – pay attention. Luke11:26 says, “Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.”

You see once you have defeated someone in your life that caused you great pain and sadness the devil figures out that you won’t fall for the same trick again. So he seeks out other spirit to come in a different shape and form trying to fool you again. But wisdom will allow you to see certain behaviors, and actions that tells you who they are and what they are capable of doing, but if you don’t pay attention to the sign it will be worse than it was before. Because now you are a higher level than you were before the damage can and will be greater.

I don’t believe that there are different devils at different levels. I believe that it’s the same demons, but in a different form. Wisdom has shown you who they are so what are you waiting on? Are you waiting for God to come down and quote the Bible from Genesis to Revelation?

To say that some of you are playing with fire is an understatement.

Thank God for Jesus!


by Belinda Kendall

When I watched the movie, “The Help,” I noticed how badly the black maids were treated. However, the same group of people that mistreated them, and thought they were nasty trusted them with the two things that could take them out mentally and/or physically – their children and food.

I notice how people boldly speak negatively about people of other races and move around in society with no fear of repercussions. It’s like politicians that speak openly on social media about illegal immigrants and then they go to a restaurant and order food when the kitchen help is full of Latinos. Or, that mother that will speak openly about her issues with people of other races on social media, then get up on Monday morning and put her precision baby in the arms of someone that represents that race.

Most people would not dare think about doing something in retaliation about this mistreatment to another person because of the God in their life, so Thank God for Jesus for that. However, everybody is not saved by the Blood of Jesus.

I myself will not eat dinner with someone that keeps complaining to the waitress or waiter, because of my concerns of the waiter’s retaliation of someone else’s bad behavior. But keep in mind if someone ever put an actual face to the comments that you made on social media and/or National TV, you may get served a slice of Chocolate Pie.

A slice of Chocolate pie can come in many forms. It can come in the form of a Combo #4, two meals for $20.00, a milk shake, eggs over easy, a time out for no reason, reports of bad behavior from a teacher, or even neglect.

Takes saying your prayers before eating to a whole new level.

Your problem has become everybody’s problem


by Belinda Kendall

Because the man you love didn’t love you back you decided to have a baby by him and he still left. So you try to make him jealous by dating someone else. You met another man and had a baby for him and he repeated the same behavior as the first one, you now have 5 children by 5 different men. Now your problem is everybody’s problem.

Our tax dollars are being spent to take care of your children so they can have food and insurance while we watch our grandparents struggle to pay for medicine. Republicans are saying, “If you had them you need to get a job and take care of them.” And the Democrats are saying, “The child didn’t ask to be here, and we should spend more money to take care of them.” People that will never know your name are having heated debates at work, church, and at family gatherings on why their taxes are spent to help you when they have to go to work everyday. Your problem has become everybody’s problem.

Because your parents spoiled you and made you think that the world centers on you, has caused you to have a sense of entitlement. So when you are at work and feel like you are not getting enough attention you cause drama. Now your manager is working with HR to figure out a way to get rid of you without paying unemployment, and making you give them a 90 day plan and pray you don’t make it so they can use your words against you to fire you. Your co-workers hate coming to work because they have to be careful how they speak to you because you will go to HR.

The morale is low in the office and people are calling in sick which leads to projects not being completed on time because of you. Your company is spending money to have a third party to come up with a questionnaire to give new candidates to see if they can catch this behavior before offering a candidate a job. They have to recap conversations with you to ensure you understand what is required for you and your job. HR is spending more time listening to your co-workers and their complaints about you. Your problem has become everybody’s problem.

I can go on and on with different types of scenarios. But I think you get the picture, so don’t get so offensive when your situation is up for judgment, because you made your problem, everybody’s problem.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


by Belinda Kendall

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder. It can occur after you have gone through an extreme emotional trauma that involved the threat of injury or death.

This is a term we have lately use when speaking of the Honorable Men and Women in the Military. But have you ever though that this same disorder could be related to children that act out in school and easily fight.

When you think about the home life of SOME children and what they have seen or go through at home. SOME children live in neighborhoods/homes when they have seen dead bodies, a parent being abused, crimes being committed at the home, or have been verbally/physically abused. Sadly, in some cases, children have even been sexually abused or watched a family member having this done in front of them.

We can so quickly write their behavior off as them just being bad, when in so many cases it can be so much deeper. A typical weekend at my house consists of late breakfast, sleeping in late, shopping, my grandbaby coming over to spend the night, and walking around in our PJs watching TV, reading a book, and cleaning up. Yet there are some children weekends can play out life a Life Time Movie, so when they return to school you expect them to act normal, when nothing that weekend or evening before is no where near normal.

So if you work with children in the school system or other programs don’t be so quick to write off their behavior as them just being bad, try to find out what is really going on at home/neighborhood . It may surprise you. Which may cause you to treat them differently. Know where your students live, and watch the News more carefully to see if the events that were on the News were in the same area where your students live, and deal with it accordingly.

Don’t ask! They might tell you


by Belinda Kendall

A parent can be the most powerful and at the same time dangerous person on earth when it comes to allowing certain behavior when raising their children.

There are some men and women that can get jealous of their own children and even their significant other. If you buy the children new shoes or clothes when on a tight budget, and the other parent will act a certain kind of way if they are not getting something new. If you get too many comments on what you are wearing they get jealous because nobody complimented them.

If you go away for the weekend with your friends for a men’s/women’s weekend to the spa or a golfing trip, you will find when you get back they are acting funny. In their mind they should have been able to go. If you get too much praise for doing something in their mind you couldn’t have done it without them, knowing full well they gave you hell every step of the way.

If you have the day off and are able to sleep in but they have to go to work, they will start complaining about something until you wake up, or make so much noise you have no other choice but to get up. If you have friends to come over they will walk around the house like a child trying to get attention. Even to the point of joining your conversation to bring the attention back to them.

If you ask them why they act the way they do, the real answer is too embarrassing. You see, they can’t tell you that when they were a child that they were Momma’s and/or Daddy’s favorite child and got what they wanted no matter how tight the budget was. They can’t tell you when their other siblings had chores to do, they got out of it. They are too ashamed to tell you that their mother/grandmother would get up and cook them a big breakfast before they went to work.

Or how that parent or grandparent always made them the center of attention, and how their parents made sure they always had the latest and greatest to impress their friends. So instead of telling you the truth they will belittle you, pick an argument, tell you what you are doing something wrong, talk about your short comings, and in some cases result to verbal/physical abuse, because the truth is too embarrassing to say as an adult.

Is it possible to take a parent to court for raising a child that has caused hurt, and harm to their spouse/wife and their children?



by Belinda Kendall

Ben came out of his room tonight saying, “Momma something is not right! I was playing my game and Beauregard started growling, and barking at something, as if there is something in my room I can’t see.”

I went back on the sofa to rock myself up and went straight into his room and said, “What ever is in here that is not of God MUST GO NOW!!!! You have no right here, and with the authority I have in the Name of Jesus – YOU MUST GO!!!! Every door that has been open and is not of God is now sealed shut with the Blood of Jesus. NO, NO, NO!!! GET OUT BECAUSE THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU.” You will go and not come back here, In the Name of Jesus. Then I went and open the front door and said, “Let me show you the way, every thing, spirit, demon, and even the devil himself LEAVE NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS, and slammed the door shut.” I told my son, “I don’t play with the devil and the devil doesn’t play with me!!!”

I went back and sat on the sofa and the dog started doing it again. I went back into Ben’s room to find Beauregard looking at his self in the mirror barking and growling. Ben called Frances and told her what happen andFrances told me, “Mom you don’t have no chill…lol”

Well at least I am always ready for battle….