Ladies Stay In Your Lane



By Belinda Kendall

We have to learn to stay in our lane at all times. Ladies, when you meet a guy don’t drop to his level just to be accepted by him. Your whole life will change when you get out of your lane. These are some of the changes that will take place in your life.

  • AMEX now has a hold on your card because where you used to shop at Dept. Stores and Boutiques, they now notice charges to Hooch-Momma-R-U clothing stores and they believe you are someone else.
  • You used to get up every Sunday morning and go meet friends for church and brunch. Now you sleep in because you have been up all night driving by his house and searching for him through-out the city.
  • HR has called you in their office because some woman has complained about getting harassing phone calls from your ext.
  • You go to check your balance in your account and find all your money gone, because you really thought that the man outside of the club that sold hot catfish sandwiches was a ligament business, so your gave him your bank card to pay for your purchase.
  • Your children lay out your clothes when they know you have to come to the school, because they are concerned about what you will wear when you come there.
  • Friends ask other friends how you are doing, not because they care, but because your life is the closest they have ever came to being a part of a reality show.
  • Your landscaper stops saying yes ma’am and no ma’am, because everything about you has gone from being a lady to the “round the way girl” with a good job.

Now you look up and see the man you changed for, and notice he’s with a woman that looks and acts just like you did when you first met him.

You see ladies when a man meets you, he is attracted to you as a whole and doesn’t want you to come down to his level, but rather carefully and respectfully pull him up to yours. Now your life has changed, your character has come into question, and HR looks at you as a liability and not an asset, all because you were not strong enough to stay in your lane, as the woman God created you to be.

Imagine how God feels? God sees the best in the biggest player in the town and he thought if he sent him to you, you would show him what a real woman of God looks and acts like.   But you got caught up in the game and forgot to check the score and ended up losing.



by Belinda Kendall

While I was at lunch today with a dear friend of mine, whom is a much older lady, we witnessed a very interesting argument between this married couple. They were arguing about him cheating and the man got up, told her he loved her very much, and then said he was sorry. He then said “I am leaving. We can talk about this later.” Then the woman screamed, “LIAR!” The man turned around and looked at her as if he wanted to kill her.

The way this man looked at her sent chills down my spine. My friend said, “That’s not him, that’s the demon that possesses his body.” She explained to me “He is lying; this is why he was so remorseful when they were talking until she called him a liar.” She said, “We fight not against flesh and blood but rulers of darkness. When you are trying to cast out a spirit you must first know their name. Many stories in the Bible talk about how people of God would ask a person that was possessed ‘What is your name?’ You see when she said ‘Liar’, that spirit reacted, not him. The look you saw wasn’t him, but that demonic spirit that has possessed him. That spirit is called a liar. Notice how people react when you call them certain names like, liar, whore, thief, molester, rapist and other names. It’s not the person that gets mad but that spirit will reacts, because they think they have been revealed. This is why when people act like the names I mentioned they are truly sorry and don’t know why they did what they did.” She said, “Belinda the devil is real and so are the demon that possess them. That lying spirit that possesses him will open the door for other spirits like, thief, cheater, and depression.”

All I could think about is when my parent would say, “When you lie, it will lead to stealing.” Never in a million years did I think lying will also open the doors for other spirits.

Doing What Is Right

By Belinda Kendall


Tonight I sit here and think about someone that was very dear to me, but died a few years ago. He was a man of God, taught Bible classes, and held high positions in his church. But for some reason he felt a need to be a part of a men’s group that hold the façade of being Christian based. But I don’t believe God has anything to do with groups that have so many secrets.

After numerous conversations with him I told him that, “I just don’t think this is a good idea, and I can’t find any scripture for this.” But because some of the men in the church were began taking part in this organization he felt that it was okay. Two years after joining this organization he died. Before he died he told me, “Belinda I have crossed a spiritual line, and I denounce my membership. I am dying because I knew better.”

Many times you have heard me say that you don’t know who the anointed of God is until you bother them, and then your world falls apart. But at the same time I don’t think we really know who we are.  Solomon had a brother that could do anything he wanted to do, and never get in trouble. However his father, David, called him out on every little thing he did. David knew that Solomon was going to be a King, so he was harder on him, than his brother.

As parent we can look at our children and tell when they are young whose going to be a leader and who will be the follower, so we raise them accordingly. You know for yourself that most people can get away with murder, but some of you are called out on everything you do. Because of your walk with God, you have to know there are some things you just can’t do.

If you have been through things in life that you can’t explain, trials that came without a cause, and mocked for doing the right thing, you may be one of God’s chosen people. It has been said that the greatest leaders experience rejection at an early age. Some of you are in training for something great, and you need to be careful with the things you do, say, and become a part of. Studying the word of God brings accountability, and you will be held accountable for you knowledge of God’s word. I can image that there are a lot of Christians with STDs, because you knew better than to go out there having sex, and not be married. There are Christian that are married to people that have caused you great pain, because you knew that you should have waited on the Lord.

2 Peter 2:21 says, “It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.”

Trying To Find Love In All The Wrong Places


By Jewel Tyler

Once upon a time in the land of no internet, men and women connected totally different.  Meeting places were laundromats, grocery stores, at friends homes, churches, parties and even at work.  Times have changed so much that the only way people approach one another is via the internet mainly on dating sites.  Some of which I call “meat markets.”  People have forgotten what it means to walk up to an individual they may be interested in and start a conversation.  Even after meeting one another I have seen individuals out on a date amongst other individuals in a social gathering texting one another.

What happened to good ole conversation with one another.  Sometimes, I become so frustrated when individuals want to carry on an hour long conversation via texting.  I will stop texting after a few texts and just simply call the person and you know what they will not answer the phone but continue texting me.  That is when I put my phone down and go on with my day.

Ladies you might think it is cute or sexy but you are attracting the wrong type of man by posting butt pics on the internet and dating sites; or pics in your bathroom in your underwear or worst.  The twerking craze is out of hand.  What you are telling men is, this is all I have to offer, my butt or back side or the fact I can shake my behind.  Don’t get me wrong, yes men enjoy it, but what are they saying about it?  “Man look at this freak right here.”  Is that what you really want to be labeled as if you are looking into engaging into a serious relationship?

I took several surveys on with a wide variety of men from all walks of life and age groups.  One of the questions I asked “Why are you REALLY on Tagged?”  The vast majority of their responses was ”To find me a freak  someone I can get with and keep it moving on to the next freak.”  I was like WOW really?  Women for the picking, and the sad thing is a lot of the women on these sites are there because they know when they are out and about socializing it is rare for a man to approach them.  Therefore, they go with the flow and try to connect on social networking sites.

What does it really say about a man that does not have enough self confidence to know they can connect with a woman without approaching them on a site.  I know this is the times that we live in.  However, the men I have connected with for mere investigative purposes for a book I am working on;  had numerous issues. Hence, the reason they were on the sites in the first place.  They live with someone they are not happy with and are looking for a way to cheat.  Or, they have so many problems themselves, unemployed, drugs, I could go on and on.  The sad thing is they could be telling you anything and women today are so desperate they fall for the okie doke.

If a man cannot walk up to me to approach me and have a decent conversation with me so I can look them in their eyes and read their body language to see if they are a liar, player or whatever, I am not interested.  I still have my Tagged account, but it is now there to push my books. That is the honest truth I used to log in on a normal basis because I could do my surveys.  But once they took away the ability to ask the questions I wanted for survey purposes I don’t have a need to sign in.  I am not interested in meeting you, giving you my number or any of that, I have heard too many tragic stories of women meeting men on line.

How can one truly separate the wheat from the tares online?  The internet to me now has become a place of exploitation.  Girls are getting their behind beat by their parents for inappropriate behavior.  It has also become dangerous for teenagers and young girls.  I have a friend that has a daughter that is 12 years old and she was online entertaining a 19 year old.  She lied about her age and was carrying on conversations with this older guy online.  Just dangerous sorry to digress.

Everyone just seems to be to be looking and seeking a companion and love but in all of the wrong places.  Where is the right place these days to meet someone that you could spend the rest of your life with?  I do welcome your comments and suggestions that I would like to share with our readers.

But this I do know, posting provocative pictures ladies and gents on every web site that you can sign up with is not going to land an individual you can spend the rest of your life with and really trust.  Because every time you catch that person on Tagged or Match or whatever site you are going to be wondering if they are flirting or chatting with a new prospect because that is where you met them.  If you met someone on line and you do in fact enter into a relationship with them.  The only way I can see it being successful is that you both delete your dating accounts online.  Because then and only then are you saying you know that I have found Mr. or Mrs. Right. I am off the market.

Content Of Your Character


By Jewel Tyler


The content of your character follows you wherever you go and speaks mountains to others.  So please be very careful how you treat and speak and act around people you don’t even know.

Take a walk with me on a small morning’s journey.

Sunday night 12:30 am, Josey is up playing Facebook games, one of her favorites Candy Crush; while chatting with two different friends in two totally different time zones.  She glances at the clock on her laptop and shakes her head because she has a 9:00 am job interview and it’s 2:00 am.  After visiting her other social network sites and posting some new pictures, she recently took in her bathroom of her new tattoo on her lower back.  She finally decides to close her eyes at 4:00 am.  Prior to falling asleep she says a little prayer  “God I hope I get the job tomorrow, you know I need it; I am two months behind on my rent, amen.”

Monday morning, 8:15 am, Josey finally wakes up after beating her alarm clock practically to death for the past hour and a half.  After wiping the sleep away from her eyes and pulling the cover from over her head she realizes the time.  Her mind begins to flood with the list of things she has to do today.  Number one – she has a job interview in 45 minutes.  She has not ironed her blouse and her suit is crumpled in the dirty clothes pile in the corner of her bedroom.

She jumps up frantically, screaming and cursing at the air.  She turns on the shower runs to her iron, plugs it in.  Grabs a bottle of left over spring water from her night stand and throws it down the tube of the iron and all over the ironing board.  Turns on her laptop and logs in. She runs to the bathroom and briefly brushes her teeth and jumps into the shower.  She dries off half of her body and runs the iron over the major wrinkles in her outfit for the interview.  As she pulls her stockings on her nail causes a little run but only up in the thigh area.  She grabs some clear fingernail polish and dabs the run and blows on it all the while putting on her heels.  She looks up driving directions for the location of the interview and writes down the name of the individual she is suppose to meet in the reception area.  She curses to herself it is 8:35 am.  According to Google maps it is a 30 minute drive.  As she exited the apartment, she thought “And that is probably without rush hour traffic.”

Once on the road, it seems like every light she comes to it turns red as soon as she arrives.  Now every individual on the road is her enemy.  She darts between cars driving as fast as she can while applying makeup to her face.  Every chance she gets she is calling someone driving beside her or in front of her out of their names as if they can hear her rants and screaming at them from her car.  She is about 10 minutes from the location and she only has five minutes.  As she gets closer there is a woman in a car in front of her who seems to be taking her sweet time with driving, she is not even doing the speed limit. Josey pounds on the horn of her steering wheel all the while yelling at the woman in front of her.  Finally, she gets a break in traffic and darts around the car and slows up next to the car and is yelling at the woman.  The woman to her surprise realizes the individual next to her is trying to get her attention.  She rolls down her window and turns off her talk radio show and asks can I help you.  Josey yells back “Yeah B*@ch you can learn how to drive.” Josey pulls off and then makes a left turn and pulls into the parking lot of the location of where the interview is to be held.

Josey applies her finishing touches to her makeup and grabs her purse and portfolio with her resume; looks in the mirror and smiles.  “I am going to land this job today.”  She exits her car, enters the building, signs in with the security guard and proceeds to the 27th floor.  She struts into the office and walks up to the receptionist.  “Good morning, I am Josey Williams and I am here to see Ms. Bernadette Jones.”  The receptionist asks her to have a seat, inquires as to whether or not she would like some coffee or water, she declines.  Approximately 7 minutes later she hears a woman that calls her name “Ms. Josey Williams, hi I am Ms. Jones.”  When she looks up she cannot even speak.  It is the woman she called a B*@ch at the stop light.

Now, let’s take a step back in time.  First of all, if Josey had organized her priorities differently she would have woke up on time, avoided the rush and stress and anxiety of getting to her interview on time.  Secondly, if the content of her character had not been so ugly she very well may have not cursed at Bernadette, let alone lost out on the opportunity of landing the job she so desperately needed.

The content of our character speaks mountains to who we really are in this life.  Be very careful of how you treat others and how you conduct your own life.  Ensure the things that are most important in your life are your top priority.

The names in this story or fictitious, they were only used to drive a point!

Be blessed

Adam & Eve – Two Become One


We find in the Bible that God said he could not find a “help mate or helper” for Adam. So he took a rib from him and created a mate for him Eve.  The scriptures continue Gen 2:24  Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Please take a moment to really absorb and grasp that concept.  They shall be one.  Now we know it could not mean they were unified as one being in the flesh otherwise they would not be two separate individuals.  Consider the following:  the two were one in Spirit!  With that thought in mind let’s also consider, they are one in Spirit  – the unification of marriage before God. 

Now, after Adam & Eve there were many couples which joined together being one in Spirit.  They performed this task through marriage right, but what consecrates a marriage?  SEX.  Even in today’s law I believe if you have married someone on paper but you have not had sex you can obtain an annulment.  On that note, we also see over and over again in scripture (he went in unto) meaning the man had sex with the woman.  Consecration of marriage.

So, if marriage is consecrated by the act of sex (side note:  sex brings forth new life), in marriage two become one Spirit; how many times have you been married?  If every time you have sex with someone, you become one Spirit with that individual, how many times have you been married? 

Another consideration – I listened to a minister once speaking on Spiritual Immorality.  This is kind of how he broke it down:  If John has sex with Mary, and Mary has sex with Bob (an atheist) and Bob has sex with Susie (who likes having sex with animals) and Susie has sex with Fred (also a child molester and murderer) the list could go on and on.  John has become one flesh with Mary, Bob, Susie, Fred and all of the spiritual garbage they house.  That is a very ugly thought, allow your imagination to take you there.  You have probably connected with all sorts of spiritual filth not even recognizing what you have adjoined yourself too when you became one spirit with your last sexual partner.

I believe that is why the scripture says you should not have sex until marriage (both partners) think of the purity in that spiritually!  I have watched people and even myself, life is going great no worries, no problems, no anger, no depression just going great.  And then you meet someone, you have sex with them, and then all of sudden all hell breaks loose in your life.  Example, you were not depressed, now you are battling depression, but if you look at your partner, that is something they are struggling with.  I used to talk to a gentleman and listen to him describe the problems he was experiencing in relationships.  Here goes, he was a guy that didn’t work, was a musician, would rent rooms in hotels or sleep in his car, a blink from being homeless and on the street, he was a person who really depended on women to take care of him.  He would meet a nice woman, she was working, living in her own place she would have it going on, two to three months later I would speak with him again and he would be upset because she was now unemployed, had lost her car, lost her place and they were both sleeping in hotels or his car.  I watched this pattern for years in his life.  And finally when he called me to complain about his newest failing relationship.  I pointed out to him that HE in fact was the problem.  That spiritual depression, oppression and suppression he was imparting into the women he encountered in his life.  Amazing how every woman would end up on his level.  One, that speaks to the power of a man’s spirit he imparts (go in unto her) into a woman when he becomes one Spirit with her when he has sex.

It also states in scripture that we should not be unequally yoked (you are a Christian and your partner does not believe in God).  That is the making of spiritual warfare between each other from the beginning of the relationship.  Light and Dark do not mix. 

I believe we have to give serious consideration and thought and most of all prayer to a partner we choose men and women.  Get history, and take our time before we even consider having sex with them.  Hopefully, you can remain abstinent until you are actually married.  Please really consider the John, Mary, Bob, Susie, Fred theory.