Adam & Eve – Two Become One


We find in the Bible that God said he could not find a “help mate or helper” for Adam. So he took a rib from him and created a mate for him Eve.  The scriptures continue Gen 2:24  Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Please take a moment to really absorb and grasp that concept.  They shall be one.  Now we know it could not mean they were unified as one being in the flesh otherwise they would not be two separate individuals.  Consider the following:  the two were one in Spirit!  With that thought in mind let’s also consider, they are one in Spirit  – the unification of marriage before God. 

Now, after Adam & Eve there were many couples which joined together being one in Spirit.  They performed this task through marriage right, but what consecrates a marriage?  SEX.  Even in today’s law I believe if you have married someone on paper but you have not had sex you can obtain an annulment.  On that note, we also see over and over again in scripture (he went in unto) meaning the man had sex with the woman.  Consecration of marriage.

So, if marriage is consecrated by the act of sex (side note:  sex brings forth new life), in marriage two become one Spirit; how many times have you been married?  If every time you have sex with someone, you become one Spirit with that individual, how many times have you been married? 

Another consideration – I listened to a minister once speaking on Spiritual Immorality.  This is kind of how he broke it down:  If John has sex with Mary, and Mary has sex with Bob (an atheist) and Bob has sex with Susie (who likes having sex with animals) and Susie has sex with Fred (also a child molester and murderer) the list could go on and on.  John has become one flesh with Mary, Bob, Susie, Fred and all of the spiritual garbage they house.  That is a very ugly thought, allow your imagination to take you there.  You have probably connected with all sorts of spiritual filth not even recognizing what you have adjoined yourself too when you became one spirit with your last sexual partner.

I believe that is why the scripture says you should not have sex until marriage (both partners) think of the purity in that spiritually!  I have watched people and even myself, life is going great no worries, no problems, no anger, no depression just going great.  And then you meet someone, you have sex with them, and then all of sudden all hell breaks loose in your life.  Example, you were not depressed, now you are battling depression, but if you look at your partner, that is something they are struggling with.  I used to talk to a gentleman and listen to him describe the problems he was experiencing in relationships.  Here goes, he was a guy that didn’t work, was a musician, would rent rooms in hotels or sleep in his car, a blink from being homeless and on the street, he was a person who really depended on women to take care of him.  He would meet a nice woman, she was working, living in her own place she would have it going on, two to three months later I would speak with him again and he would be upset because she was now unemployed, had lost her car, lost her place and they were both sleeping in hotels or his car.  I watched this pattern for years in his life.  And finally when he called me to complain about his newest failing relationship.  I pointed out to him that HE in fact was the problem.  That spiritual depression, oppression and suppression he was imparting into the women he encountered in his life.  Amazing how every woman would end up on his level.  One, that speaks to the power of a man’s spirit he imparts (go in unto her) into a woman when he becomes one Spirit with her when he has sex.

It also states in scripture that we should not be unequally yoked (you are a Christian and your partner does not believe in God).  That is the making of spiritual warfare between each other from the beginning of the relationship.  Light and Dark do not mix. 

I believe we have to give serious consideration and thought and most of all prayer to a partner we choose men and women.  Get history, and take our time before we even consider having sex with them.  Hopefully, you can remain abstinent until you are actually married.  Please really consider the John, Mary, Bob, Susie, Fred theory.


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