Content Of Your Character


By Jewel Tyler


The content of your character follows you wherever you go and speaks mountains to others.  So please be very careful how you treat and speak and act around people you don’t even know.

Take a walk with me on a small morning’s journey.

Sunday night 12:30 am, Josey is up playing Facebook games, one of her favorites Candy Crush; while chatting with two different friends in two totally different time zones.  She glances at the clock on her laptop and shakes her head because she has a 9:00 am job interview and it’s 2:00 am.  After visiting her other social network sites and posting some new pictures, she recently took in her bathroom of her new tattoo on her lower back.  She finally decides to close her eyes at 4:00 am.  Prior to falling asleep she says a little prayer  “God I hope I get the job tomorrow, you know I need it; I am two months behind on my rent, amen.”

Monday morning, 8:15 am, Josey finally wakes up after beating her alarm clock practically to death for the past hour and a half.  After wiping the sleep away from her eyes and pulling the cover from over her head she realizes the time.  Her mind begins to flood with the list of things she has to do today.  Number one – she has a job interview in 45 minutes.  She has not ironed her blouse and her suit is crumpled in the dirty clothes pile in the corner of her bedroom.

She jumps up frantically, screaming and cursing at the air.  She turns on the shower runs to her iron, plugs it in.  Grabs a bottle of left over spring water from her night stand and throws it down the tube of the iron and all over the ironing board.  Turns on her laptop and logs in. She runs to the bathroom and briefly brushes her teeth and jumps into the shower.  She dries off half of her body and runs the iron over the major wrinkles in her outfit for the interview.  As she pulls her stockings on her nail causes a little run but only up in the thigh area.  She grabs some clear fingernail polish and dabs the run and blows on it all the while putting on her heels.  She looks up driving directions for the location of the interview and writes down the name of the individual she is suppose to meet in the reception area.  She curses to herself it is 8:35 am.  According to Google maps it is a 30 minute drive.  As she exited the apartment, she thought “And that is probably without rush hour traffic.”

Once on the road, it seems like every light she comes to it turns red as soon as she arrives.  Now every individual on the road is her enemy.  She darts between cars driving as fast as she can while applying makeup to her face.  Every chance she gets she is calling someone driving beside her or in front of her out of their names as if they can hear her rants and screaming at them from her car.  She is about 10 minutes from the location and she only has five minutes.  As she gets closer there is a woman in a car in front of her who seems to be taking her sweet time with driving, she is not even doing the speed limit. Josey pounds on the horn of her steering wheel all the while yelling at the woman in front of her.  Finally, she gets a break in traffic and darts around the car and slows up next to the car and is yelling at the woman.  The woman to her surprise realizes the individual next to her is trying to get her attention.  She rolls down her window and turns off her talk radio show and asks can I help you.  Josey yells back “Yeah B*@ch you can learn how to drive.” Josey pulls off and then makes a left turn and pulls into the parking lot of the location of where the interview is to be held.

Josey applies her finishing touches to her makeup and grabs her purse and portfolio with her resume; looks in the mirror and smiles.  “I am going to land this job today.”  She exits her car, enters the building, signs in with the security guard and proceeds to the 27th floor.  She struts into the office and walks up to the receptionist.  “Good morning, I am Josey Williams and I am here to see Ms. Bernadette Jones.”  The receptionist asks her to have a seat, inquires as to whether or not she would like some coffee or water, she declines.  Approximately 7 minutes later she hears a woman that calls her name “Ms. Josey Williams, hi I am Ms. Jones.”  When she looks up she cannot even speak.  It is the woman she called a B*@ch at the stop light.

Now, let’s take a step back in time.  First of all, if Josey had organized her priorities differently she would have woke up on time, avoided the rush and stress and anxiety of getting to her interview on time.  Secondly, if the content of her character had not been so ugly she very well may have not cursed at Bernadette, let alone lost out on the opportunity of landing the job she so desperately needed.

The content of our character speaks mountains to who we really are in this life.  Be very careful of how you treat others and how you conduct your own life.  Ensure the things that are most important in your life are your top priority.

The names in this story or fictitious, they were only used to drive a point!

Be blessed


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