by Belinda Kendall

While I was at lunch today with a dear friend of mine, whom is a much older lady, we witnessed a very interesting argument between this married couple. They were arguing about him cheating and the man got up, told her he loved her very much, and then said he was sorry. He then said “I am leaving. We can talk about this later.” Then the woman screamed, “LIAR!” The man turned around and looked at her as if he wanted to kill her.

The way this man looked at her sent chills down my spine. My friend said, “That’s not him, that’s the demon that possesses his body.” She explained to me “He is lying; this is why he was so remorseful when they were talking until she called him a liar.” She said, “We fight not against flesh and blood but rulers of darkness. When you are trying to cast out a spirit you must first know their name. Many stories in the Bible talk about how people of God would ask a person that was possessed ‘What is your name?’ You see when she said ‘Liar’, that spirit reacted, not him. The look you saw wasn’t him, but that demonic spirit that has possessed him. That spirit is called a liar. Notice how people react when you call them certain names like, liar, whore, thief, molester, rapist and other names. It’s not the person that gets mad but that spirit will reacts, because they think they have been revealed. This is why when people act like the names I mentioned they are truly sorry and don’t know why they did what they did.” She said, “Belinda the devil is real and so are the demon that possess them. That lying spirit that possesses him will open the door for other spirits like, thief, cheater, and depression.”

All I could think about is when my parent would say, “When you lie, it will lead to stealing.” Never in a million years did I think lying will also open the doors for other spirits.


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