Ladies Stay In Your Lane



By Belinda Kendall

We have to learn to stay in our lane at all times. Ladies, when you meet a guy don’t drop to his level just to be accepted by him. Your whole life will change when you get out of your lane. These are some of the changes that will take place in your life.

  • AMEX now has a hold on your card because where you used to shop at Dept. Stores and Boutiques, they now notice charges to Hooch-Momma-R-U clothing stores and they believe you are someone else.
  • You used to get up every Sunday morning and go meet friends for church and brunch. Now you sleep in because you have been up all night driving by his house and searching for him through-out the city.
  • HR has called you in their office because some woman has complained about getting harassing phone calls from your ext.
  • You go to check your balance in your account and find all your money gone, because you really thought that the man outside of the club that sold hot catfish sandwiches was a ligament business, so your gave him your bank card to pay for your purchase.
  • Your children lay out your clothes when they know you have to come to the school, because they are concerned about what you will wear when you come there.
  • Friends ask other friends how you are doing, not because they care, but because your life is the closest they have ever came to being a part of a reality show.
  • Your landscaper stops saying yes ma’am and no ma’am, because everything about you has gone from being a lady to the “round the way girl” with a good job.

Now you look up and see the man you changed for, and notice he’s with a woman that looks and acts just like you did when you first met him.

You see ladies when a man meets you, he is attracted to you as a whole and doesn’t want you to come down to his level, but rather carefully and respectfully pull him up to yours. Now your life has changed, your character has come into question, and HR looks at you as a liability and not an asset, all because you were not strong enough to stay in your lane, as the woman God created you to be.

Imagine how God feels? God sees the best in the biggest player in the town and he thought if he sent him to you, you would show him what a real woman of God looks and acts like.   But you got caught up in the game and forgot to check the score and ended up losing.


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