It’s all about posessions?

by Belinda Kendall


Proverbs 6:30 says, “People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his appetite when he is hungry.

Have you noticed that people don’t steal because they are hungry, or homeless, but more for possessions?

A dear friend told me how someone took money out of her account and bought designer clothes, phones, jewelry, iPads, shoes, and handbags. Keep in mind this lady is well to do, yet had had never even heard of most of the designers.

I asked her, “Have you ever noticed that you will see more expensive cars in the parking lot of apartments, than you see in most middle class neighborhoods? This is mainly because, for them, it’s more important to look the part rather than buy a home and have stability.” I remember when people would steal for food, or rent, but not possessions, and in most cases they are trying to feed their family. I can remember years ago during my struggle wearing black a lot to work, because nobody knew I was wearing the same thing.

But this generation is different; they need things to make them seem important. I wonder if they even realize they are on a path just like the devil, before he was kicked out of Heaven. They do all these things simply for attention. This is what the world is supposed to do, but, now, when you turn to the church they are no different. Because they are teaching prosperity and how to have, and wear the best, they encourage the behavior. So now the door has opened up for people to do whatever it takes to look the part. Stealing, posting naked pictures on the internet, young girls selling their virginity, and websites looking for sugar daddies, not because they are hungry or homeless, but for possessions.

When I look at the state of this world, including the Church, it’s like being the only one at the party that’s not drunk or high; just watching how crazy people are acting.


Don’t give the Devil a Foothold

by Belinda Kendall


Ephesians 4:27 says, “and, do not give the devil a foothold.”

-When you use your cell phone for directions, your phone already knows where you are. You just need to put in the address of where you are going.

-Stores now have what they call a discount card. When you use this card you are able to get a special on products. They know what you like to eat, drink, and what medicine you take.

-When you search the web for cars, houses, or clothes, notice the ads that will appear on your screen for those items when you are on other sites. The all of a sudden you start getting emails, you didn’t sign up for.

-Now they have security systems that can put cameras in your house so you can see what’s going on when you are not there. Makes you wonder if they are watching you without you knowing

-Everybody wants a car with Navigation, but do you know you can pull up your past travels?

-When using your bank card to make purchases someone is keeping track of your purchases. Someone told me one time never buy books that are controversial with your bank card, because now they know what you are reading and how much knowledge you have.

-When you go into certain grocery stores, depending on what side of town you are on, notice what the first thing is you see. Some stores will have displays of water and healthy foods. Others will have sodas and unhealthy snacks.

-If you subscribe to the local newspaper, depending on what your zip code is, will determined the type of coupons you receive.

Years ago I watched a movie on Lifetime called “Fine Things.” It was about the devil that moved into this town as a shop owner, and was able to gain control by putting your heart’s desire in the store window. Once you saw it you couldn’t help but buy it, and then he had control.

Don’t give the devil a foothold? He has already got a foothold we call it technology and convenience. You just need to know how to manage it.

The Peace of God

by Belinda Kendall


Sometimes in life when we pray to God to change a situation, we don’t realize what it will take. You may even find yourself losing faith in the midst of God answering your prayer. When Jesus says, “Let’s go to the other side,” no one had any idea what they would go through getting there.

When asking God to change a situation, you don’t understand what was all involved to create that situation. Believe me that spirit will not go quietly.

Your story will read like a scripture in the Bible. The verse will start off saying, “Sickness, death, loss, and depression is all around you. But the next verse will read, “But God!” You will never see God coming, but you will know when he has been by.

How do you know? Find a peaceful place to sit and be still. Once you are in that place you will notice that your spirit is at peace and it was only your flesh reacting. Now people may have heard things about your situation, and will not be able to understand why you are not reacting. Please know you have just come to the full understanding of what Philippians 4:7 means, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

The chatterer reveals every corner of his shallow mind

by Belinda Kendall


I had a very interesting and surprising conversation with someone that held a high position in a major company. I noticed when I spoke about Current events and World Affairs, her responses were always-one liners. So I decided to talk about the Theology, and how we see the Bible in this day and time, again her answers was-one liner.

So I am sitting here with a person, and can’t find anything to talk about. She can’t speak about History, Theology and Current Events, and not even World Affairs. Then I thought of something my Daddy used to say, “If you think like a child, you can figure most people out.” Notice when you meet children to get a conversation going you need to tell them how pretty their shoes, eyes, or toys are, for them to open up. So I pretended to like her outfit she was wearing, and that’s when she really opened up. She went on and on about her outfits, the other designer clothes she has, name dropped, and talking about all of her successes. When she spoke about Chanel, I started talking about the history of Chanel and how it was created. She quickly stopped me and begins to tell me about all the Chanel pieces she owns.

I am truly amazed at just how shallow and how self absorbed some people can be. Here I am thinking I am meeting with the person who is in upper management and I know it will be an interesting conversation on life, Theology, History and Current events. As most of you know I am not easily impressed by people. In most cases I have the lowest exceptions when dealing with people, and still I am often disappointed. But I really thought I was going to walk away with more wisdom and knowledge, but instead I was truly disappointed. When she opened her mouth I was able to locate her.

I was reminded of a quote by Mike Bell, who once said, “The chatterer reveals every corner of his shallow mind.”

Teaching my grandbaby to be a Southern Belle

by Belinda Kendall


I decide to teach my grandbaby how to be a Southern Bell.

She has said a few curse words lately, so I need to teach her manners. Some of the words may have come from my house, depending what I am working on. Because as we know in the south “Having no manner is worst than having no money.” I told Yaya the following things…

We say “Oh for Heaven Sakes”, instead of saying, “What in the H*ll.”

We say “She is not well”, instead of saying, “She is crazy”

We say “She took and told her”, instead of saying “She was up in her face”

We say “She had a spell”, instead of saying,” She was acting a fool.”

We say “Bless her heart,” instead of saying “She’s a big dummy”.

We say “My word!” instead of saying “That is so stupid”

So at the end of the lesson I said, “Yaya do you see why you shouldn’t curse?” She said, “For Heaven Sake, Hell Grandmamma,” and then looked at me with tears in her eyes, because she knew she said a bad word, and said, “Grandmamma I had a spell.”

We still have a few more classes for this Southern Bell to attend.

I wanted to help fix your car

by Belinda Kendall


Today I called a dear friend to see where I can bless her in her current situation. Things have been a little hard for her so God laid it on my heart to bless her. As soon as she answered the phone, I asked, “What do you need to get your car back on the road?” Her answer was, “ X amount of dollars, but you know today I called this man that thinks he can help me with getting this business off the ground, and I told him this and that.” I listen to her go on and on, and on and on, about this business she is trying to start. She didn’t realize that I was trying to get the money together to help her with her car.

I told her, “I now know how God feels when we pray.” I explained to her I am calling to see where I can help you with the car, and you immediately went on to tell me about what you are doing instead of realizing I was calling to answer your prayer”. The reason I said that I know how God feels is because when he is trying to answer your prayer, we spend so much time praying and not staying still after we pray to listen for the answer.

Some of us look like a baby when it’s over time for their feeding. That baby will be crying and, even when you put the bottle in their mouth, they are still upset, because they don’t realize the answer is already there.

The Traits of a Leader

by Belinda Kendall


They never plan to fail, because they can’t rest with the thoughts of regrets if they didn’t try

Excuses are not accepted; because that’s what a common person do to justify their lack of drive

They understand that Life in Death is in the Power of the tongue, so they are slow to speak

They never dig ditches for others, because they know you will reap what you sow

They never speak well of themselves because they know it can change in a matter of minutes

They have no time for gossip, because they realize you will talk about them next

They accept a challenge, because they realize God is always looking to do something new

They have very little to say, because they know they will be held accountable for every word

They tend to live off the radar, because attention is for people that need to justify themselves.

What they wear, drive, or how they live is not important, because they are not trying to prove anything to anybody

They are Masters at Body Behavior, because it speaks louder than the words

They have strong faith in the God they can’t see, because they know what you can’t see is always more powerful than what you can see.

They know that titles represent accountability, because most people have titles by default.

You have to go through a process to change to be a leader. But remember there are 3 levels of change.

1. The Measurement of Change– what would you have to do to change.

2. The Management of Change– how do you work this into to your daily routine, and manage it.

3. The Mastering of Change– where it comes naturally without thought

The 3 levels of change will not be easy and may cause the people you are trying to lead to be a little upset. But you know it’s for their good, and is needed to get to the next level.

I am reminded of a quote by Colin Powel who once said, “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.”