Doing what God has asked you to do

by Belinda Kendall

Tonight I was talking to my neighbor and she shared an interesting story about an event that took place last week. She said there was a lady in her Bible Study group that has such great faith, that one day she was thinking about her and it dropped in her spirit to send her $50.00. Now this is something she never does, and didn’t want to insult the lady. But everyday this thought kept coming to her, so much so that it kept her up at night. So one morning she told her husband, who is a business owner, what she was about to do but it was a little hard to wrap the thought around his mind. She sent the check and a couple days later she received a letter from the lady, telling her that their car had broke down, and her husband didn’t know how he was going to get back and forward to work. They had borrowed all the money they could, but was short $50.00.

This made me think about a story I read one time about Kenneth Hagin. He said there was man that was on his dying bed, and he had been asked to come and pray for him. But he said every time he would close his eyes to lay hands on this man, something would move his hand. This happen about three times, so he stopped and asked the man is there something God told you to do and you didn’t do? He said “Yes, when my parent died they left all of my sibling’s money, and I am the holder of that money. However, I didn’t give my sister her share because we don’t get alone.” He told the man you need to give her what God told you to give her before you can be healed. He sat up in his bed and wrote the check out, then had someone to take the check to his sister. Kenneth Hagin then prayed for the man and he was healed and lived another 20 years.

It would be sad if some of you are suffering because you have not done what God told you to do…


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