I wanted to help fix your car

by Belinda Kendall


Today I called a dear friend to see where I can bless her in her current situation. Things have been a little hard for her so God laid it on my heart to bless her. As soon as she answered the phone, I asked, “What do you need to get your car back on the road?” Her answer was, “ X amount of dollars, but you know today I called this man that thinks he can help me with getting this business off the ground, and I told him this and that.” I listen to her go on and on, and on and on, about this business she is trying to start. She didn’t realize that I was trying to get the money together to help her with her car.

I told her, “I now know how God feels when we pray.” I explained to her I am calling to see where I can help you with the car, and you immediately went on to tell me about what you are doing instead of realizing I was calling to answer your prayer”. The reason I said that I know how God feels is because when he is trying to answer your prayer, we spend so much time praying and not staying still after we pray to listen for the answer.

Some of us look like a baby when it’s over time for their feeding. That baby will be crying and, even when you put the bottle in their mouth, they are still upset, because they don’t realize the answer is already there.


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