No place like Home

By Belinda Kendall


I look at my home as a place of privacy, peace, a safe place, and my refuge. I don’t have people running in or out, and most people really don’t know where I live. I know people that paid $750.00 at closing to have their home put in a LLC. So if you know where they live you will think they are renting, and won’t know what they are worth. In some cases, you will not be able to find where they live at if you looked up their name.

So it’s hard for me to understand how some people will open up their home for people to come by, and invade their privacy and peace. Your home is the only place you can go to escape from the world, and be yourself.

People have different types of energies they bring with them, and they also leave them after they are gone. Some of you have problems sleeping at night and you can’t figure out why. Could it be because your home is no longer your refuge, but the place where other people go to have fun at your expense? The cost is your peace.

Remember your home is what your children long for when they go out into the world. On my most stressful days I like watch Andy Griffin, I Love Lucy and The Bob Newhart Show, because it reminds me of home. I have put on a pot of pinto beans at night, just to wake up to the smell because it reminds me of home. Why? Because to have a sense of what home was like, full of love, peace, and no one judging me. How would your children remember home? Will they remember it as a place where there is a lot of drinking, visitors, card games, gambling, fights, and partying? Will they remember it as a place where people came in and out all weekend long?

Tad Carpenter once said, “What I love most about my home is who I share it with.”


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