Teaching my grandbaby to be a Southern Belle

by Belinda Kendall


I decide to teach my grandbaby how to be a Southern Bell.

She has said a few curse words lately, so I need to teach her manners. Some of the words may have come from my house, depending what I am working on. Because as we know in the south “Having no manner is worst than having no money.” I told Yaya the following things…

We say “Oh for Heaven Sakes”, instead of saying, “What in the H*ll.”

We say “She is not well”, instead of saying, “She is crazy”

We say “She took and told her”, instead of saying “She was up in her face”

We say “She had a spell”, instead of saying,” She was acting a fool.”

We say “Bless her heart,” instead of saying “She’s a big dummy”.

We say “My word!” instead of saying “That is so stupid”

So at the end of the lesson I said, “Yaya do you see why you shouldn’t curse?” She said, “For Heaven Sake, Hell Grandmamma,” and then looked at me with tears in her eyes, because she knew she said a bad word, and said, “Grandmamma I had a spell.”

We still have a few more classes for this Southern Bell to attend.


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