The chatterer reveals every corner of his shallow mind

by Belinda Kendall


I had a very interesting and surprising conversation with someone that held a high position in a major company. I noticed when I spoke about Current events and World Affairs, her responses were always-one liners. So I decided to talk about the Theology, and how we see the Bible in this day and time, again her answers was-one liner.

So I am sitting here with a person, and can’t find anything to talk about. She can’t speak about History, Theology and Current Events, and not even World Affairs. Then I thought of something my Daddy used to say, “If you think like a child, you can figure most people out.” Notice when you meet children to get a conversation going you need to tell them how pretty their shoes, eyes, or toys are, for them to open up. So I pretended to like her outfit she was wearing, and that’s when she really opened up. She went on and on about her outfits, the other designer clothes she has, name dropped, and talking about all of her successes. When she spoke about Chanel, I started talking about the history of Chanel and how it was created. She quickly stopped me and begins to tell me about all the Chanel pieces she owns.

I am truly amazed at just how shallow and how self absorbed some people can be. Here I am thinking I am meeting with the person who is in upper management and I know it will be an interesting conversation on life, Theology, History and Current events. As most of you know I am not easily impressed by people. In most cases I have the lowest exceptions when dealing with people, and still I am often disappointed. But I really thought I was going to walk away with more wisdom and knowledge, but instead I was truly disappointed. When she opened her mouth I was able to locate her.

I was reminded of a quote by Mike Bell, who once said, “The chatterer reveals every corner of his shallow mind.”


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