The Traits of a Leader

by Belinda Kendall


They never plan to fail, because they can’t rest with the thoughts of regrets if they didn’t try

Excuses are not accepted; because that’s what a common person do to justify their lack of drive

They understand that Life in Death is in the Power of the tongue, so they are slow to speak

They never dig ditches for others, because they know you will reap what you sow

They never speak well of themselves because they know it can change in a matter of minutes

They have no time for gossip, because they realize you will talk about them next

They accept a challenge, because they realize God is always looking to do something new

They have very little to say, because they know they will be held accountable for every word

They tend to live off the radar, because attention is for people that need to justify themselves.

What they wear, drive, or how they live is not important, because they are not trying to prove anything to anybody

They are Masters at Body Behavior, because it speaks louder than the words

They have strong faith in the God they can’t see, because they know what you can’t see is always more powerful than what you can see.

They know that titles represent accountability, because most people have titles by default.

You have to go through a process to change to be a leader. But remember there are 3 levels of change.

1. The Measurement of Change– what would you have to do to change.

2. The Management of Change– how do you work this into to your daily routine, and manage it.

3. The Mastering of Change– where it comes naturally without thought

The 3 levels of change will not be easy and may cause the people you are trying to lead to be a little upset. But you know it’s for their good, and is needed to get to the next level.

I am reminded of a quote by Colin Powel who once said, “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.”


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