It’s all about posessions?

by Belinda Kendall


Proverbs 6:30 says, “People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his appetite when he is hungry.

Have you noticed that people don’t steal because they are hungry, or homeless, but more for possessions?

A dear friend told me how someone took money out of her account and bought designer clothes, phones, jewelry, iPads, shoes, and handbags. Keep in mind this lady is well to do, yet had had never even heard of most of the designers.

I asked her, “Have you ever noticed that you will see more expensive cars in the parking lot of apartments, than you see in most middle class neighborhoods? This is mainly because, for them, it’s more important to look the part rather than buy a home and have stability.” I remember when people would steal for food, or rent, but not possessions, and in most cases they are trying to feed their family. I can remember years ago during my struggle wearing black a lot to work, because nobody knew I was wearing the same thing.

But this generation is different; they need things to make them seem important. I wonder if they even realize they are on a path just like the devil, before he was kicked out of Heaven. They do all these things simply for attention. This is what the world is supposed to do, but, now, when you turn to the church they are no different. Because they are teaching prosperity and how to have, and wear the best, they encourage the behavior. So now the door has opened up for people to do whatever it takes to look the part. Stealing, posting naked pictures on the internet, young girls selling their virginity, and websites looking for sugar daddies, not because they are hungry or homeless, but for possessions.

When I look at the state of this world, including the Church, it’s like being the only one at the party that’s not drunk or high; just watching how crazy people are acting.


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