The Peace of God

by Belinda Kendall


Sometimes in life when we pray to God to change a situation, we don’t realize what it will take. You may even find yourself losing faith in the midst of God answering your prayer. When Jesus says, “Let’s go to the other side,” no one had any idea what they would go through getting there.

When asking God to change a situation, you don’t understand what was all involved to create that situation. Believe me that spirit will not go quietly.

Your story will read like a scripture in the Bible. The verse will start off saying, “Sickness, death, loss, and depression is all around you. But the next verse will read, “But God!” You will never see God coming, but you will know when he has been by.

How do you know? Find a peaceful place to sit and be still. Once you are in that place you will notice that your spirit is at peace and it was only your flesh reacting. Now people may have heard things about your situation, and will not be able to understand why you are not reacting. Please know you have just come to the full understanding of what Philippians 4:7 means, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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