Only the Greatest are Called!

by Belinda Kendall


It would blow your mind if you knew what went on over 100 years ago when the devil found out you were coming. The devil knew you had a call on your life and knew your purpose for even being born. It was very important that he made sure you would have all kinds of generational curses in place to make sure you would never reach the call on your life.
Someone’s great- great grandfather was introduced to lust, which opens the doors for molestation, rape, incest, and a promiscuity to become a part of your generation. Now you’re trying to figure out why you can’t commit to a relationship. Some of you have strange sexual desires because of the door your great-great grandfathers open through lust.
Someone’s great –great grandmother allowed depression to come into your generation which led to suicide. This is why some of you can get so depressed you can’t function and have suicidal thoughts.
Someone’s grandparent felt like God wasn’t listening, so they sought out psychics/root workers for direction for the problems they were having. This is the very reason when you meet someone that can give you advice you tend to call on them all the time, because you were taught to follow people and not to wait on God.
Someone’s great grandfather had a wonderful business idea, but fell and lost everything they had, which caused his family to suffer greatly. So every time you talk about starting a business, your family reminds you of his story, and how he committed suicide behind starting a business.
Now here you are, dealing with all kind of demons that are just a generational curse that the devil put in place because he knew you would be coming. Now you have a gripping fear of starting a business. It’s because of the call on your life; you are a threat to the devil’s kingdom.
Just like an Army General will assign his soldiers to be in position and come up with a plan to win the war. The devil designs a plan and pulls together his soldiers to win. This is why the devil had to get up real early to try and destroy you. Even before your great-great grandfather said hello to your great-great grandmother, he had a plan.
Remember it’s only the people with the greatest called that will cause the devil to come up with a plan to destroy!!!!


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