Prayer Changes Things

by Belinda Kendall


Prayer Changes Things….

It’s very important that when God drops into your spirit to pray, you begin to pray. The other day when I was in the shower and I had a strong need to pray, but I didn’t what I was praying for. So I begin to plead the Blood of Jesus over me, my children, Yaya, and Yaya’s Father. I asked God to send angels to protect us from all hurt harm, danger, sickness, diseases and even death itself.

Once I got out of the shower, my daughter Claire called and said “Mom you know that big Pit Bull that I told you about? He’s the one that came to our front door and started barking at Yaya when she was watching TV.” I remembered this dog because nobody knows where he came from, so we call him, “The Hell Hound”. She went on to tell me how she was took Yaya for a walk in her stroller and her neighbor stopped her and said, “You may not want to go down there, because that dog is loose again, and he’s very dangerous.”

I have to believe that my prayer was answered, and I am glad that I obeyed that Holy Spirit and started praying. Sometimes when God leads you to pray it may not be for something that day, but something that is in the making to bring harm to you or your loved ones, so please know that prayer changes things.

― Ted Dekker once said, “Prayer may just be the most powerful tool mankind has.”


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