God wants you to be transparent…

by Belinda Kendall

God has never meant for you to be ashamed of your struggles, because He knew that your experiences from your struggles would help someone else.

Today I was in a computer store looking at the new Samsung Pad, because my iPad cannot pull up spreadsheets like I needed. There was a man standing beside me with his son, and I overheard their conversation about how he needed a computer for school and they were trying to get credit. The salesman came out and told them something and they begin to walk out of the store.

I knew they were denied for credit, so I followed them out of the store, and asked to share something with him. I told him there was a time when my credit wasn’t good, and I needed a computer. I told him how I went on to QVC and HSN because they don’t check your credit, all you need is a bank account to buy things. I explained to him how he can go online or call, and get the computer his son needs, and ask for the flex payment plan. Based on the cost of the computer they will draft the money out of your account monthly, and you pick the date. You can buy computers, TVs, clothes, and anything else they sell. They will send the computer when you make the first payment.

The father looked at me with a big smile and a little tear in his eyes, and said “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!” He walked out telling his son how he needs to pick a computer with so much memory and so on, and you could tell that he felt good about being able to meet his son’s needs.

Now if I was full of pride I would have never shared with this man that at one time I couldn’t get credit. Some of you are walking around with the answers to someone else’s prayer. But you are the only one that has the answer. Be transparent so that you may meet someone else’s need.

So the next time you see someone having problems, or struggling, don’t judge them. They may be waiting on you to be transparent.


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