Learn When To Be Silent



by Belinda Kendall

Some of you women don’t understand the games some non-Christians men play so let me help you

Men don’t cheat when you are not speaking after a fight, because he knows he’s got to be on point if you call or come by to straigthen things out. It’s when everything is good because he knows you are not searching for anything.

When you want a man to compliment you you allow them to control you. You see a man is a hunter and he knows your desire to hear him to say how good you look. So if anoher man say something to you it means nothing because he didnt say it. So you keep jumping through hoops to get his attention.

Silence is the best form of communication when you’re upset. Men want you to talk so that they can listen to the sound of your voice.So he will admit to something, or try an start an agrument with you. He needs to hear whats on your mind or hear the pitch in your voice to see if you’re going to kill him.

When a man start an argument out of nowhere, there is a reason. He will keep going until you end up cursing him out. In his mind you have cursed him out for what he has done and what you don’t know about. They also use this to get out of the house.

Married men will confess their love to you and swear he would die if you left. But if you call his wife he will kill you as dead as you will ever die because you’re just his whore who forgot her place.

When arguing with a man you can bring up something that happen last week, and he will say you are bringing up the past. But he will nail you to the cross with something you did last year. He wants to confuse and distract you so you will forget.

When you make love to a man after an arguament you can’t bring up that agrument anymore, because in his mind it’s settled.

Be quiet and stop being so senstive when he has an argument with you and blames you for stuff you didnt do or say. Shut your mouth he’s telling you what he has done.

Please know all men are not like this, but think like a child and you can figure most of them out.



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