Learn When To Let Go of Him or Her



by Belinda Kendall

I just had lunch with a man I have known for many years and he agreed to allow me share his story.  He was telling me about how he couldn’t understand why the girl he once dated is doing so much better than when they were.   I told him about the story about Jonah and how we used to laugh at his story instead of looking at the lesson in his story.

Jonah was running from God and what he told him to do. Jonah knew the reason for his struggles. This is the reason that when he was on the boat and everything started happening he said, “Its me, throw me over board”.

This lady you dated had a call on her life and she was running from it because it was too big for her to even imagine in her current situation. So she became distracted with dating you when she knew full well God had called her to do other things. This is why your relationship was full of drama and confusion. So once she left you and fulfilled what God had called her to do, things changed for her.

There are people in other people’s lives via relationships or friendships, and nothing seems to happen for them. It’s like all doors have been shut. But it has more to do with you or them and the call they have on their life.

When there is a call on your life, you will not be able to have peace until you do what has God told you to do. Not until you throw yourself overboard will you find peace.

This sadden him because he really did like the girl. So I told him its not like I am saying that you will never get back together, but she had an appointment she had to keep. So don’t beat yourself up that it was something you did. It was more of something she had to do. You see this a lot in relationships.

Learn to throw some people overboard, and even yourself, so you can make your appointment and find peace.

Some people have been stuck for many years in the same place. You need to ask yourself who has been in your life the whole time and throw them overboard. You may be surprised at the changes that will take place.


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