Are you a Victim?


by Belinda Kendall

I have studied the behavior of people that always complain about any and everything. I noticed that when they walk in the house they have an attitude or start fussing about their day. But each comment ends with them being the victim

If you don’t say anything they will turn on you say you don’t care about them or their problems. But you can always get them to calm down if you agree they are the victim and comfort them.

Some of you are in relationships like this, and it’s become a common thing in your life, but it’s a form of dysfunctional behavior. People like this have a child like mind, and you will notice the childish behavior in many areas of your relationship.

I have heard many men and women say that their spouse is just hard to get along with, but the real problem is you are an adult and married, have befriended, or dating a child. They don’t have any commucations skills and they are full of fear because they don’t know how to act as an adult. You may also see this in the work place, friendships, and personal relationships.

They are easily intimidated and will go to great lengths for attention and can do lots of damage. They are also prone to depression, alcoholism, and even drugs to self medicate themselves to deal with the pain they have caused, because karma is real. They will cry and tell you how everybody has done them wrong, without telling you what they did.

Learn to recognize this behavior and stay away from them. If they are already in your life they will not go away easy; it will be a slow process, and you should always say it’s your fault when trying to break away from them, to make them feel better.

“Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.” – Criss Jami


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