You Thought It Was Okay UNTIL. . . .


belinda by Belinda Kendall

Today I spoke about when you lie you are just like your Father, the devil. And I feel I need to give a solution to the people that are acting like their Father – the devil. You see sin is so much fun, and feels great! It’s like being on a roller coaster ride, you are screaming, laughing and reaching highs unknown, but when the ride is over, it’s over.

Someone email me and said, “What do you mean and can you give an example.” So I came up with a few.

Sleeping around with different people feels great until you realize you are a whore, because you believe the lie, that it’s okay because everybody was doing it.

Having babies by different men felt great, because now you have multiple sources of income- getting paid, and can brag about who your Baby Daddy is. Until one Father decides to spend time with one of your children more than the other children. Now your other children question you about why their Daddy doesn’t spend time with them, and why they don’t have the same Daddy. All because you believe that lie, that to keep a man in your life you should have a baby by him.

You threw people under the bus to protect your job, until you were on the chopping block and no matter what you did for the company didn’t even matter; you still lost your job. Because you believed that lie that you have to do whatever it takes to make sure you can provide for your family, and keep your life style.


Spreading rumors and gossiping feels good because everybody wants to talk to you. Until you realize you can’t be trusted because you talk too much. You believe that lie that you were only trying to warn people about somebody else.

Molestation and incest was okay, because it was done to you, until you realize that now you are a registered sex-offender. All because you believed that lie, those little children want it, and its okay they were going to have sex with someone anyway, so why not be the first.


Drinking and drugs was the best time you ever had in your youth, until you realize that now you are an addict. All because you believe that lie that you could do it and walk away.

Gambling was so much fun, playing cards, slot machines and betting, until you realize that you lost everything you had. All because you believe that lie that it couldn’t become a habit.

Teaching people the Prosperity Ministry was fun and allowed you to have things you could have not gotten based on you skill and educations, until you are faced with a problem that no money in the world can solve, and you felt God was no where around. All because you believe that lie, that God wants you to be rich.

Abusing your love one finally gave you a sense of importance, and you have someone to fear you, and obey your every command. Until you realize the person you abuse don’t really love you, and they are only with you until they find a way out, and really wish you were dead. All because you believe that lie, that women need to be treated this way because she has to submit to your ways by any means necessary, because you are the man.

Judging people on Government assistance was your right, because it was your tax dollars paying for it all, until you lose your job and can’t figure out how to feed your children. All because you believed that lie, that every person on Government assistance was lazy and just want a hand out.

Judging Hispanics seems like the right thing to do because you are an American. Until you hear the stories about your forefathers being an illegal store-away on a boat coming to America to ensure a better life for their grandchildren that hadn’t even been born yet. All because you believed that lie that this is your country and anybody else should be shipped back to where they can from.

Not paying child support or being in your children life gave you a way to punish their mother. Until you realize that your child calls someone else Daddy and love their mother more than you. All because you believed that lie that all she was going to do is spend the money on herself.

“Doing you” seems like fun instead of being the Mother God called you to be, until you try and correct your child’s behavior when they are older and they say to you, “You did it, and remind you the type of mother you were.” All because you believed that lie that, just because you have children doesn’t mean that you should stop doing you.

Being racist made you feel powerful by judging people because of the color of their skin made you feel better than the other race. Until you realize that some of your social media postings and conversations may cost you your job, admission to college, and your character. All because you believed that lie, that everybody thinks like you.

Please know this doesn’t have to be the last chapter in your book of life, let the next chapter in your book begin with, “But God!” Allow God to let your life line up with his Word. Keep in mind this type of behavior is like having sex when you are not married, you can ask for forgiveness, and God will forgive you, but if you got pregnant the baby is still going to come. Meaning that people will label you for the person you use to be and some people may not believe you have changed, but the only thing that matters is that God knows, and he is the only one that has a heaven or hell to send you. And, God holds the king’s heart in the palm of his hand, and will turn it to favor you, because you have a new Father- God!!!


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