The Peacemaker



by Belinda Kendall

You have to careful when sowing words of wisdom into people’s life without giving clear understanding. I heard about a person that somewhere in life, maybe when they first became a Christian was told, “God loves the peace maker.” These words alone have destroyed everything in their life, and have caused their life to be cursed.

These words have caused them to be used, mistreated, and abuse by family members, the church, and friends. To be a peace maker doesn’t mean you have to keep dealing with people that mistreat you, it means, forgive, and walk away instead of having an argument with them.
Their greatest fear in life has become worrying about how people feel about them, if they would question their walk with God if they stood up for themselves, and if they say it’s their fault everything went wrong.

These words have opened the door for them being a liar, gossiper, depression, and will quickly throw you under the bus so they look good. Why? Because they want to be known as the, “Peace Maker,” and really believe God is please with them, because, “He Loves the Peace Maker.”

In this person’s eyes if you cut out family members for mistreating you, or close friends—you are the devil, and down right evil.

Needless to say that their life has become a whirlwind of mess, all because they thought they were pleasing God. Makes you understand how a Preacher, Teacher, or Family Member can changed the whole course of your life, with a scripture.


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