In the South Having No Manners, Is Worst Than Having No Money



by Belinda Kendall

In the South having no manners, is worst than having no money.

One of the things that grinds my gears is when people that are not from the South thinks that we are unintelligent, weak, and mock our way of speaking.

You see saying, “Yes Ma’am” and “No Sir”, to you seems like a slave master’s language, but it’s not; it’s called having manners, and respect to the person you are speaking to. Little do you know that we as African Americans speak to our parents the same manner.

If you are African Americas and you visit one of our fine southern restaurants and your waitress is a white southern woman, once you put in your order, or make a request, she will say in return, “Yes Ma’am” or “Yes Sir”, to you.

The State Troopers and Police Officers will pull you over and no matter how you speak to them, they will still say, “Yes Ma’am” or “No Sir.” Even when they give you a ticket that will change your life, they will end the conversation with, “Ma’am” or “Sir, enjoy your evening.”

Don’t take our submissive tone, and kind words for a sign of weakness, or ignorance. If you cross one of us we will pick up the phone and make one phone to another southerner of a different race, and change your whole life without you knowing.

Then we will look you dead in your face, with a big smile and say, “Bless your Heart and I will pray God makes a way for you. And, remember God loves you”

What we are really saying is, “You big dummy, I am going to pray that God helps you, because I am done. And, at this point he is the only one that loves you.”

So with a big smile on my face I say, and in my southern tone, “Ma’am/ Sir, welcome to the south, and enjoy your stay!


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