Marriage Is More Of A Business Arrangement



by Belinda Kendall


Please know that a marriage is more of a business arrangement than anything else.

Having a car, good job, education, or good credit is something that money can buy, and/or change. The things you need to look for are the spiritual things.

Play attention how their parents interact with each other. You may be looking at yourself 10 years from now; because that is the only example they have as what a husband/wife should act.

If she comes from a single family home, please know she doesn’t know how to dance with a man. Because their mother had to fight for everything she got, so be prepared to go toe to toe with her.

If there has been a sexual sin in the family, it will either lead to the same thing happening when you have children, or a parent that is so full of fear they can barely function.

If they were the type of person that ran around a lot with people, please know they will not be able to trust you. This will lead to a lot of arguments, because they will think you are sleeping around with other people like they did.

If there are any mental issues in the family, chances are you too may have these same issues when you have children. And, also with the person you marry.

If they didn’t come from a lot, once they get married they will not be able to budget, or judge every purchase. You may go years before even buying a new pair of shoes, because the fear of being poor again is greater than anything in their life.

If they came from a family that spends all their time together, please know this will not stop, and the whole family will turn against in a minute when you don’t want to- including your spouse.

If they talk about buying things they don’t have now, please know they will try to live out their dream on your wallet, until their dream becomes your nightmare.

I remember talking to my Daddy one day about how my husband was treating me, and no matter what I said he kept talking about these German Sheppard puppies down the street. Until out of frustration I said, “Just because they are a German Sheppard don’t mean they are full blooded. I don’t know anything about those puppies; they could come from a crazy blood line.” The whole time I am saying this he is looking straight ahead, then he turned to me and said, “So why would you pick a dog better than you pick a husband?”

A business arrangement is where two people come together to create a powerful team for success. Makes you understand why so many marriages fail. Because the spirits you are fighting can’t be seen with the natural eyes. And, what you can’t see is more powerful than what you can see.


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