by Belinda Kendall


Claire explained to me that Yaya had been crying a lot when she drops her off at daycare. She said that, “Yaya would start crying and questioning her if she was going to come back, and if anybody would pick her up from daycare?’ Keep in mind this would go on for about 10 minutes or more.

I explained to Claire that she is 3, and may be going through, “Separation Anxiety.” She said, “I am going to take Friday off, and spend some time with her, and I am going to let her know that we would never leave her, and how important she is to me, daddy, the grand mammas, and the whole family. And, if she keeps doing it I will not punish her but remind her of our conversation.” THIS MADE ME SO PROUD!!!

So many times we tend to punish our children when they act out, and force them to do things against their will, without explanation and not taking the time to understand why they are acting out.

I once knew a girl that would keep a record of everything she did for you and would remind you in an argument, what she has done for you. It was almost like a list to make you see why you should be her friend. She kept records because she was use to people walking out of her life, and she was very needy. I later found out that her Daddy never accepted her, and her mother, and grandparents just didn’t want to talk about it.

I wonder some time when I see adults that have problems with rejection or being alone, can it go back to their childhood. Wouldn’t it be sad if the reason you beg people to stay in your life, in some cases making a fool out of yourself, all because your parent or the person raising you didn’t take the time to simply talk with you, to reinsure you that you were okay, and you are never alone?



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