They Don’t Care, or They Never Loved You



by Belinda Kendall


One of the hardest things for a person to hear about someone you love is, “They Don’t Care, or they never loved you.”

We all have been in relationships where we thought they were the one. When you were together you did things, they introduced you to their family, and friends- so you thought it’s a serious relationship. So much so they were the last thing you thought about before bed, and the first thing you thought about when you woke up.

But one day you find out that is was all a game and you are not the only one. Now this would send anybody into depression. So you begin to talk to your friends about your pain and they say the words you never ever want to hear, “They don’t care and/or they never loved you.” Now you are mad at the person that told you this, and begin to call other friends to discount the words you heard. The person that told you that may be right. In most cases they are speaking from experiences, and know all the signs.

You see the person that you thought loved you, never did, and really couldn’t care, because of the hole in their heart. Although your pain may be great, but their pain is even greater, and they are stuck in the past. Men and Women that usually have this behavior were once hurt to the point they refuse to ever feel that way again. This is why they keep in contact with several other men and/or women just in case you hurt them they will have someone else to take your place. Now is this wrong? YES! But, at the same time it’s become learned behavior for them. It’s a cycle that keeps repeating it self out of fear of being hurt.

Where now that you are gone they have to find someone else to fill your spot, because they are 100% sure about the others. So they get dressed up, make sure they know the whereabouts of the others, make all the necessary phone calls to ensure them they care, but busy tonight, and goes out and find another victim.

It’s like keeping horses in a stable, the one that is wild they have to get rid of – meaning you. Because they don’t know what that horses will do, and can cause the other horses to leave.

To the person that sent me this email concerning a broken heart, you will love again. And, don’t be jealous, or envy of anyone you see them with, because you already know the end of the story.They also see the signs this person is cheating, but they don’t know how to get off the ride, in so many ways they are really jealous of you, because you got off the ride, and was able to move on, they are too weak, and they are stuck.


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