Good morning Wake Up Girlfriend (WUG) followers


Jewel Tyler here!

It’s a new day! It’s a new season! Fresh anointing coming your way!
It’s a season of power and prosperity!

Blessings are not necessarily something materialistic – even though people constantly refer to being blessed as something tangible.

Blessings to me are those times when my heart is heavy and I become filled with the assurance that God loves me in spite of my circumstances. I embrace my challenges because I know the day is near that I will be used to minister to someone that is where I have already been. I can be used by God to assure them He has them and it is just a season of wisdom that they will gain and past forward to someone else that does not know God!

I seek opportunities on a daily basis to be used by God for what he has brought me through and blessed me to be his servant. Because he is Master and Lord of my life – I surrendered my will over to him a long time ago but I recommit every day.

I pray that the Lord blesses your eyes to see the things of the Spirit as you are lead on a daily basis. Ears to hear his small still voice and your assigned angels as they minister and guide you through your day.

Be a blessing to all that cross your path each day because you never know if you may have another opportunity to be used on this realm.

Take a walk with me through my journey of first living my life in the world in such a way that God had to enter my life so powerfully and spiritually I stand firm in Him. A soldier of God strong and true fully committed!

Have a blessed DAY!

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You Thought They Were Lying


by Belinda Kendall

God loves us so much, and knows our deepest desires, so God will answer your prayers, and will meet you, where you are. Some of you have been praying for a wife, or husband, but it seems like there is nothing out there. But, God knows your insecurities, so He will give you a butterfly while it was still in its cocoon.

God knew you were not confident enough to approach them when they were a butterfly, with so many beautiful colors. Instead of seeing them with your spiritual eyes, you saw them with your natural eyes. So with your natural eyes you only saw the situation they were in, jobless, bad credit, broken relationships, money problems and so on. You just saw the cocoon, and not the butterfly in the cocoon.

Now you are left with the thoughts of the things they use to say, and do, but, “You thought they were lying.” I mean “Everybody was talking about their situation, and even my girl/boy told me this, and that. I remember their ideas they had, but I mean who knew they could make it happen. They didn’t have anything, and I could have helped them, but, “I thought they were lying,” or, “Running game.” Anyway why would someone like that, want someone like me, “I thought they were lying.”

When you meet someone that you seem to have a connection with, learn to listen with your spiritual ear, and see them with your spiritual eye. In some cases the reason you meet them when they were at the bottom is because, God knew you wouldn’t even approach them when they were at the top of their game. So He sends them to you in a form you can handle. But, “You thought they were lying.”

If You Were Brought Up Right


By Belinda Kendall

Have you noticed that people that don’t have a job has the craziest ideas on things they want to buy?

When a parent make you earn things you want, they become better citizens. They are very careful with their money, they don’t waste, and they learn to save. And, they usually take this behavior into there adulthood. One of the things that make a parent proud is when they see how their children are mindful of their spending, and always having a saving. You prepared then for the future.

Notice the behavior of children that got everything given to them. They become horrible adults, bad marriage partner, bad students, co-workers, and just down right hard to deal with. Because, they always had things given to them, so should everybody else around them. Or, spend their money like it drops out of the sky, but no worries, because they believe that somebody with help them.

Well I believe our Father God is the same way, when it comes to us praying to win the lottery, and praying for a financial break though. Look at the things that happen when you pray for money. You usually end up getting a new job, promotion, or come up with a business idea. Or, you become better in your budgeting what you have. But, you are so caught up with why God didn’t answer your prayers, that you don’t see God was preparing you to be wealthy.

Once you get a better job, start a business, or a promotion, those designer bags, and clothes seem like too much to spend. When you look at a luxury car you count the cost, insurance, taxes, on how much it will cost to fix. That bigger home seems kind of dumb since it’s just you, and/or your husband, or take in account that your children will be leaving soon, and you wouldn’t need a house that size. You learn to make dinner, instead of reservation, because why eat out, when you could save money by cooking a good meal at home. Now you have a savings for a rainy day, because you learned that money doesn’t drop out of the sky.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

And, you thought God didn’t love you, or answer your prayers? God heard your prayer, and answered them. He’s trying to teach you to be wealthy.

There Is No Santa Claus



by Belinda Kendall


Today I posted why we shouldn’t tell our children that there is a Santa Claus. Let me tell you about the God that I serve, and you suppose to also serve.

God wrapped His Word in flesh and He walked the earth, and was called Jesus.

When they took His Word–Jesus, and nailed Him to the cross, the sun that God spoke into existences, refused to shine, and the earth he spoke into existence, shook.

When the devil try to make a god out of himself, God kicked him, and his boys out of Heaven, and some would say God’s footprint is in the back of his neck.

The God I serve is a jealousy God, and there is no one before Him, or after Him. That’s why people will say He is “The I Am.”

The clouds in the sky are the dust from His feet; the earth is His foot stool.

He allowed his only Son– His Word to die for the sins of people that haven’t even been born yet to commit.

There is more water on earth than land. He promised He would not destroy the earth with water anymore. So He calls it back just in time, all day, and everyday.

He knows every hair on your head, and your name is written in the palm of His hand. He knew you before you were even form in your mother’s womb.

The Bible is the only book that tells history before it happens.

He renews his mercy towards us every morning, and once you ask for forgiveness, He remembers no more.

So with the little things I have told you about God, where in the world do you get the idea that it’s okay to lie to your children, that Santa Claus is real? Where do you get the idea that you can have an office parties with drinking and carrying on, to celebrate the birth of His Word, wrapped in flesh? What in the world makes you think that it’s okay to give anybody else the credit for Christmas gifts? What makes you think its okay to dress up as someone else, and even monsters and call it Halloween, then call yourself Christians?

Give me scripture for Santa Claus and Halloween, and the party is at my house and you are invited.

Where There Is Water There Is Life



by Belinda Kendall

Women are a lot like water, they are an essential necessity for life. Where there is water there is life.

You can find water just about anywhere, if you visit a gas station enough they will allow you a courtesy cup of water, where they would normally charge. You can visit any restaurant they will give you water as long as you are buying something else. The supermarkets have water in all different shapes and sizes you can buy, and spend as much as you want. You can pay the city you live in, and they will make sure you have water running through your house.

But in Africa water is like gold. They spend time and money digging for water, and there are schools that teach on how to find the water source. Their desire to provide for their family means the world to them.

But people in other countries take it for granted, just like we do women. Women are so powerful that God himself came through a woman to enter this world, as His Word wrapped in flesh. Why can’t women wait on that man that will not take them for granted? I mean that man that will sit under a good Pastor to teach him how to break generational curses, and treat a woman. That man that will keep digging and digging until he finds a woman he is proud to give her his name. What about that man that wants to provide for his family: even if he is not the father of the children.

When will women start realize that they are an essential necessity for life? Or, maybe you like being a courtesy cup for that man that stops by all the time, or free because they are paying some of your bills.

You are not what others think you are. You are what God knows you are.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Why Don’t Men Love Themselves Anymore?



by Belinda Kendall

While I was out tonight for dinner, I saw someone that I have known for a while on a date with someone, however, he is married.

I thought to myself, “Why don’t men love themselves anymore?” When I worked with the homeless at a hotel, I worked during the holidays. I took many meals to some very good looking older men that sat in their hotel room all alone. When I would ask, “Do you have any children?”, they would always tell me about their children, grandchildren, and all the things they had accomplished in life. Their eyes would light up about the stories about their wives and how their children would act When I would ask, “So why are you not spending the holiday with them this year?” Their answers were, “Well they like to go to their mother’s house, that’s where they go for the holidays.” Then they would talk about how their wife could cook an amazing meal, the stories went on and on.

This is a story I have heard over and over again from men. Some would say, “I never got married, because I wasn’t the marrying kind.” Or, “I had to take care of my mother, but she is dead now”, or “I was married before and marriage is not for me.” This is mainly because they are selfish.

Every holiday I think about these older single men I met in my life and I think about something my Daddy said on his dying bed. He told me and my sisters, “A married man lives the life of a dog, but a single man lives the life of a king, because he has no one to take care of. But, a single man dies like a dog, because he dies alone, and a married man dies like a king, because all of you are here to tell me how much you love me, so I am not dying alone.”

I have seen older single men going out to clubs and bars, living with their mother, sitting in hotel rooms all alone, and even dying in the hospitals. You would think all of these men that are married would look at how they are living and dying and want to change their ways. We have these men in our families, communities, and church, so the next time you see one of them, you may be looking at yourself years from now.

“I was crying a little for the boy I had wanted him to be and the boy he hadn’t turned out to be.”
― Gabrielle Zevin

Psychics vs. God



by Belinda Kendall

I had an interesting conversation with a Psychic today, who I met while I was at breakfast. I asked her why she became a Psychic. She told me, “That this was a gift she has had since a child, but a lot people try to be psychic, but they are playing in a very dangerous and dark place. Because God is real and the devil is just as real.”

She explained to me that the reason you see so much evil in this world like school shootings, murder, rape, and sexual sins is because the wrong people were trying to do something they should have never done—becoming a Psychic. She said, “When a person come to us and ask us question, we call up your dead relatives, to get the information. The problem is we really don’t have control of all the spirits that comes through that door we open. But a trained and gifted Psychic knows how to send that spirit back and close the door; someone that’s not gifted unknowingly allows them to stay. So these spirits start roaming the earth cause death, hell and destruction.”

She went on to say, “Notice that all hell didn’t really break lose on earth until you started seeing all of these commercials, and advertisement about Psychic’s Reading. Lot of people made money doing this so all of a sudden everybody was a Psychic. The cost they paid for practicing a craft they knew nothing about has been paid with death, murders, rapes, greed, and other evil things.”

She asked me, “Do you remember the story in the Bible where Saul went to a psychic, and she called up a lying spirit, which lead to him being killed?” I answered her and said “Yes!” Then she said, “If you want to know what’s wrong with the world today, take that story and multiply that time one million and you will have your answer.”

She advised me to always look into a person’s eye, because you can always tell if they are being controlled by something other than themselves. She encouraged me to stay strong in my faith in God, and believe in the power of the Blood of Jesus. She asked me to.” Be careful in dealing with people, because most people are not who they say they are. Those evil spirits are drawn to people that have weakest fro attention, wealth, fame, and sexual desires, and only have little faith in God.” She said, “Stay way from people that are teaching wealth. Some people are so possessed with these spirits that they have a reprobate mind, because they have no remorse for all the evil they are doing.”