Loan Denied



by Belinda Kendall


When you go to the bank for a loan, the banker will ask you why you need the loan, and pull your credit report. They want to understand the need for the loan, and look at your money management behavior. And, they will deny the loan based on the reason and/or your history. Please know that God does the same thing when you pray for a financial break through. God may ask you….

Are you still taking food out of your children’s mouth to prepare meals for that man that want even marry you? Loan Denied.

Why should I bless you with a new luxury car when you want even change the oil in the one you have. You are going to need more money when you don’t change the oil in that luxury car. Lord Denied.

Why should I give you the money to buy a new home, because last year you cost your landlord a lot of money because you didn’t change the air filters. If I gave you the money for the new home, there will be no landlord to pay for the repairs, it’s all on you. Loan Denied.

You want me to give you money so you can buy a phone to text, talk, and search the web all at the same time. I can barely get a word in now, and the people that you are talking to are only taking your business and putting it the street. Loan Denied.

You want me to give you more money to buy clothes to impress people at church, work, and to make your friends jealousy. Guess what they are not even paying attention to you; it’s all in your head. Loan Denied.

You need more money to take care of your family? If you spend less time buying drinks, gifts and hotel room for the women you are not married to you would have more money. Loan Denied.

You have to understand that money is an amplifier! Think about it, you spending money on foolish things at $15.00 an hour, you might lose your life at 30.00 an hour, and in some cases your family and your mind,

Some of you have stopped speaking to God because he didn’t answer your prayer, but you still have your paycheck directly deposited in the bank that denied you the loan.


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