Psychics vs. God



by Belinda Kendall

I had an interesting conversation with a Psychic today, who I met while I was at breakfast. I asked her why she became a Psychic. She told me, “That this was a gift she has had since a child, but a lot people try to be psychic, but they are playing in a very dangerous and dark place. Because God is real and the devil is just as real.”

She explained to me that the reason you see so much evil in this world like school shootings, murder, rape, and sexual sins is because the wrong people were trying to do something they should have never done—becoming a Psychic. She said, “When a person come to us and ask us question, we call up your dead relatives, to get the information. The problem is we really don’t have control of all the spirits that comes through that door we open. But a trained and gifted Psychic knows how to send that spirit back and close the door; someone that’s not gifted unknowingly allows them to stay. So these spirits start roaming the earth cause death, hell and destruction.”

She went on to say, “Notice that all hell didn’t really break lose on earth until you started seeing all of these commercials, and advertisement about Psychic’s Reading. Lot of people made money doing this so all of a sudden everybody was a Psychic. The cost they paid for practicing a craft they knew nothing about has been paid with death, murders, rapes, greed, and other evil things.”

She asked me, “Do you remember the story in the Bible where Saul went to a psychic, and she called up a lying spirit, which lead to him being killed?” I answered her and said “Yes!” Then she said, “If you want to know what’s wrong with the world today, take that story and multiply that time one million and you will have your answer.”

She advised me to always look into a person’s eye, because you can always tell if they are being controlled by something other than themselves. She encouraged me to stay strong in my faith in God, and believe in the power of the Blood of Jesus. She asked me to.” Be careful in dealing with people, because most people are not who they say they are. Those evil spirits are drawn to people that have weakest fro attention, wealth, fame, and sexual desires, and only have little faith in God.” She said, “Stay way from people that are teaching wealth. Some people are so possessed with these spirits that they have a reprobate mind, because they have no remorse for all the evil they are doing.”


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