There Is No Santa Claus



by Belinda Kendall


Today I posted why we shouldn’t tell our children that there is a Santa Claus. Let me tell you about the God that I serve, and you suppose to also serve.

God wrapped His Word in flesh and He walked the earth, and was called Jesus.

When they took His Word–Jesus, and nailed Him to the cross, the sun that God spoke into existences, refused to shine, and the earth he spoke into existence, shook.

When the devil try to make a god out of himself, God kicked him, and his boys out of Heaven, and some would say God’s footprint is in the back of his neck.

The God I serve is a jealousy God, and there is no one before Him, or after Him. That’s why people will say He is “The I Am.”

The clouds in the sky are the dust from His feet; the earth is His foot stool.

He allowed his only Son– His Word to die for the sins of people that haven’t even been born yet to commit.

There is more water on earth than land. He promised He would not destroy the earth with water anymore. So He calls it back just in time, all day, and everyday.

He knows every hair on your head, and your name is written in the palm of His hand. He knew you before you were even form in your mother’s womb.

The Bible is the only book that tells history before it happens.

He renews his mercy towards us every morning, and once you ask for forgiveness, He remembers no more.

So with the little things I have told you about God, where in the world do you get the idea that it’s okay to lie to your children, that Santa Claus is real? Where do you get the idea that you can have an office parties with drinking and carrying on, to celebrate the birth of His Word, wrapped in flesh? What in the world makes you think that it’s okay to give anybody else the credit for Christmas gifts? What makes you think its okay to dress up as someone else, and even monsters and call it Halloween, then call yourself Christians?

Give me scripture for Santa Claus and Halloween, and the party is at my house and you are invited.


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