If You Were Brought Up Right


By Belinda Kendall

Have you noticed that people that don’t have a job has the craziest ideas on things they want to buy?

When a parent make you earn things you want, they become better citizens. They are very careful with their money, they don’t waste, and they learn to save. And, they usually take this behavior into there adulthood. One of the things that make a parent proud is when they see how their children are mindful of their spending, and always having a saving. You prepared then for the future.

Notice the behavior of children that got everything given to them. They become horrible adults, bad marriage partner, bad students, co-workers, and just down right hard to deal with. Because, they always had things given to them, so should everybody else around them. Or, spend their money like it drops out of the sky, but no worries, because they believe that somebody with help them.

Well I believe our Father God is the same way, when it comes to us praying to win the lottery, and praying for a financial break though. Look at the things that happen when you pray for money. You usually end up getting a new job, promotion, or come up with a business idea. Or, you become better in your budgeting what you have. But, you are so caught up with why God didn’t answer your prayers, that you don’t see God was preparing you to be wealthy.

Once you get a better job, start a business, or a promotion, those designer bags, and clothes seem like too much to spend. When you look at a luxury car you count the cost, insurance, taxes, on how much it will cost to fix. That bigger home seems kind of dumb since it’s just you, and/or your husband, or take in account that your children will be leaving soon, and you wouldn’t need a house that size. You learn to make dinner, instead of reservation, because why eat out, when you could save money by cooking a good meal at home. Now you have a savings for a rainy day, because you learned that money doesn’t drop out of the sky.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

And, you thought God didn’t love you, or answer your prayers? God heard your prayer, and answered them. He’s trying to teach you to be wealthy.


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