You Thought They Were Lying


by Belinda Kendall

God loves us so much, and knows our deepest desires, so God will answer your prayers, and will meet you, where you are. Some of you have been praying for a wife, or husband, but it seems like there is nothing out there. But, God knows your insecurities, so He will give you a butterfly while it was still in its cocoon.

God knew you were not confident enough to approach them when they were a butterfly, with so many beautiful colors. Instead of seeing them with your spiritual eyes, you saw them with your natural eyes. So with your natural eyes you only saw the situation they were in, jobless, bad credit, broken relationships, money problems and so on. You just saw the cocoon, and not the butterfly in the cocoon.

Now you are left with the thoughts of the things they use to say, and do, but, “You thought they were lying.” I mean “Everybody was talking about their situation, and even my girl/boy told me this, and that. I remember their ideas they had, but I mean who knew they could make it happen. They didn’t have anything, and I could have helped them, but, “I thought they were lying,” or, “Running game.” Anyway why would someone like that, want someone like me, “I thought they were lying.”

When you meet someone that you seem to have a connection with, learn to listen with your spiritual ear, and see them with your spiritual eye. In some cases the reason you meet them when they were at the bottom is because, God knew you wouldn’t even approach them when they were at the top of their game. So He sends them to you in a form you can handle. But, “You thought they were lying.”


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