Good morning Wake Up Girlfriend (WUG) followers


Jewel Tyler here!

It’s a new day! It’s a new season! Fresh anointing coming your way!
It’s a season of power and prosperity!

Blessings are not necessarily something materialistic – even though people constantly refer to being blessed as something tangible.

Blessings to me are those times when my heart is heavy and I become filled with the assurance that God loves me in spite of my circumstances. I embrace my challenges because I know the day is near that I will be used to minister to someone that is where I have already been. I can be used by God to assure them He has them and it is just a season of wisdom that they will gain and past forward to someone else that does not know God!

I seek opportunities on a daily basis to be used by God for what he has brought me through and blessed me to be his servant. Because he is Master and Lord of my life – I surrendered my will over to him a long time ago but I recommit every day.

I pray that the Lord blesses your eyes to see the things of the Spirit as you are lead on a daily basis. Ears to hear his small still voice and your assigned angels as they minister and guide you through your day.

Be a blessing to all that cross your path each day because you never know if you may have another opportunity to be used on this realm.

Take a walk with me through my journey of first living my life in the world in such a way that God had to enter my life so powerfully and spiritually I stand firm in Him. A soldier of God strong and true fully committed!

Have a blessed DAY!

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