Have you ever wondered how the devil works?



by Belinda Kendall

Have you ever wondered how the devil works?

I can image him in the pits of hell calling some of his finest demons and giving them orders to cause evil.

I can almost see him telling one demon, “I want you to go to this church on earth and cause the whole church to be broken.” He will tell his choice demon “Go find me a woman or a man, and possess their body, and have them to join the church, but cause the Pastor to have sex with them, and then stand in front of the church and tell what he has done to you. This is a very important assignment because that church has changed the community, and at last count drug use, and violence has dropped 80%, and 56 people have given their life to Christ, we have to break that Church up.”

I can almost hear him telling another demon “Go and visit this young boy, and listen to everything he says, especially his fears when he pray or speak out loud. What ever he says that is a fear take note, and cause it to happen. It will be easy because I am the prince of the air, that’s how I knew how to attack Job. Cause so much damage in his life where he will stop believing in God, because he has been called to do great things in this world, and don’t leave him until he becomes an atheist.”

He speaks again to another demon and says, “Go early to this family and cause molestation, especially to the daughter. God has called her to give birth to a child that can change the world, but if you are successful in destroying the mother’s life, the child will be so messed up they will never be able to do what God has caused him to do.”

Then he speaks to a group of demons and gives the order to Christians. He says to them, “God and cause them to judge, be jealous, prideful and be mislead by the teaching of God’s Word. By doing this you will put them in a position to not have answered prayers, because God will not answer prayers of people like this. Now they will become Christians that just practice traditions, and think they are still going to make it”

Ephesians 6:12 says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

We spend so much time hating, and judging people for what they done to us, and holding on to so much pain we can’t even move forward. But if we would understand how the devil works we would be so much forgiving.

This is the reason when I pray I always say, “In the Name of Jesus I cancel every assignment in my life, my children, and grandchildren’s life from the pits of hell.


How God Works


by Belinda Kendall

There was a lady that me and some others ladies helped get her and her children a home. It was maybe 90 days after she moved in, she invited a man that she had only knew for maybe 2 months to live with her, because she said that it made her home complete.

Within 6 months she was not able to pay her rent, and he lost his job, and claimed he couldn’t find anything so he stayed at home all day. She came to me crying saying, “Why has God forsaking me, and why is this all going on?”

I read to her the following scripture. Hebrews 12:2 says, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.”

I then explained to her how God works. You see you had faith to get this home for you and your children and He answered your prayers. Jesus has paid the cost to know what best for you at that time in your life. He is the Author, and the Finisher of your book. The problem came in when you tried to add a chapter that wasn’t ready to be written.

Jesus knew you and your children had been through a traumatic event by being homeless, and it wasn’t time for a man to come into your life. He knows you are mentally and physically weak, so He needed time to build you, and your children back up. But instead of you letting the Author, and the Finisher hold the pen that would write your story, you decided that you can write it better. So now things are out of order, and you are suffering because you grab the pen from God, and tried to write your own story.

Some of you look like people that go to the Dr. for help, and once he start treating your illness, for some odd reason you think you can now do it yourself.

Do You Really Know?



by Belinda Kendall

Humans have about three reactions when it comes to them being uncomfortable. They are angry, mean, or they begin to talk all over themselves.

When you begin to date someone makes sure they can fit into your world comfortably. I know that a heart only knows another heart, but at the same time you got to make sure you introduce them to your world very early.

I remember a story about a couple, she was in law school, and the young man lived a very common life, good man, blue collar, and a hard worker. When he attended an event with her for the first time with other lawyers he became very uncomfortable, and he started loud talking her, so much so that they ended up leaving early.

Once they got home he begins to verbally abuse her, all because he felt like he was less than the people at the event. Sadly they went on to get married and the marriage ended, because in his mind he still was uncomfortable in her world. No matter how much to she told him she loved him.

It’s very important that when you are dating someone that you take all of this into considerations. It’s not fair to them, nor is it fair to you. Some of you are in relationships like this now, but if you would have taken this into consideration the relationship may have never developed.

When a person dates or marries you, they also date and marry your career, and if they are not comfortable in your world it could be a deal breaker. You don’t know what embarrassment feels like until someone you date or is married to embarrasses you, all because they are just uncomfortable.

Adult Parenting

me n kids

by Jewel Tyler

Sometimes as parents, if there are any in the group that are parenting an almost and or adult child it can be the most difficult thing to do. If your children are on their way to becoming a young adult heed this message (smile).

When they are little you can tell them to go to their room, and who and who not to socialize with. If they are sick you can take them to the doctor to get well. No questions asked.

But once they reach the age of 18 years old and above this is where the hard part steps in and the harsh reality of you are no longer in control of their life. You have to step back and watch the horrible mistakes they are about to, or are currently making. That is when they reach the age of “I am going to do it my way whether right or wrong,” they sometimes have no respect for your advice for them, not recognizing you love them and you have already been where they are going.

Life is like a circle it may be a different year and different time but life is still the same. And that fact of information they sometimes do not comprehend. You have been there and done that, learned and healed from your mistakes so you KNOW that you KNOW what they are about to embark upon.

If they are sick and refuse to go to the doctors, you cannot just take them because if they refuse treatment the doctors hands are tied.

I have watched my children and now grandchildren make the wrong choices and decisions and you know what it hurts to see them go through probably the same way we hurt our parents. So, you have to sit back, pray, continue to advise them and see them walk into walls of unnecessary pain and defeat.

So with all of that said I suggest you do your best to instill into your precious babies who have not reached 18+ the proper morals and values that they need, most of all teach them to RESPECT you; so that will continue as they grow and most importantly TEACH THEM ABOUT GOD don’t just take them to church and drop them off, sit down with them at home and have bible study with them; pray with them so they can learn how to trust and have a relationship with God. Because trust me when I say that is how they will live out the rest of their lives.

I have been blessed with some wonderful adult children, the road has not been easy, but I am so very proud of them all!

Peace & Blessings

You Asked God?!!



by Belinda Kendall

SOME of you keep going through the same things in life, because of the prayers you have prayed. It’s a process to have the thing you want. So every time you stop the process, back to the back of the line you go, and the process begins again.

You asked God to give you a good husband/wife, but every time God removes all the might-as-well people out of your life, the loneness kills you and you go back to the person that wasn’t marrying material anyway. So back to the back of the line you go, and the process begins again.

You ask God to give you your own business, but as soon as He gets you in the position to start a business, for some odd reason you think that you need somebody else to help you. Now you are asking friend to join you in this business venture. So back to the back of the line you go, and the process begins again.

You ask God for a promotion on your job, but as soon as He allow your boss to expect more out of you, you get mad and now you just got yourself written up. So back to the back of the line you go, and the process begins again.

You ask God for a new home in a good school district, but as soon as God allows your friends to reject you, you start hanging around the same people again, not realizing the neighborhood you want to live, those friend can’t be coming in and out. So back to the back of the line you go, and the process begins again.

You asked God to improve your marriage, but as soon as He gets rid of the people that have been influencing you, and you have no one to talk to you find yourself in their company again. So back to the back of the line you go, and the process begins again.

You see God took your prayers seriously, and He is trying to do everything He can to answer your prayers, but you always find yourself in the back of the line so the process has to start over again. This prayer you prayed has become the source of your troubles.

Some of you are going through a particular kind of hell, all because of the prayers you prayed. So every time you go back to what he has delivered you from, back to the back of the line you go, and the process begins again.

Matthews 26:14 says, “”Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Wouldn’t it be a sad thing to find out your troubles in life can be traced back to a prayer you prayed years ago?

A Threat Has Been Detected



by Belinda Kendall

In some very high end stores they have very unique security systems. They have cameras that will scan the faces of everyone that walks through the door. But once they detect a threat, everything changes, and only the associates know.

The associates will notice an increase presence of under cover security officers, the registers will send a message when they sign on to ring up a customers, and the camera will start flashing a different color light. All of these things happen to make sure the associates knows that a threat has been detected.

I believe the Holy Ghost acts the same way, because after all we are just spirits wrapped in different colors, and sizes of flesh. Where we can only see up the street, God can see down and around the street. This is the reason when we meet someone, and all they will say is, “Hello, or Good Morning” but after they walk away you get a strange feeling, because a threat has been detected, and you need not to deal with that person.

Your children can have friends over, and for some odd reason something is not right. So after your child’s friend leaves, you find yourself telling your child, “That person can’t came over here no more, nor are you allowed to play with them.” Now you don’t know why, but your spirit has detected a threat.

If you are married and a male/female friend comes to your house for the first time, and then after a few minutes you start having thoughts that they may be interested in your spouse. You are still nice to them, and just like the store associates they have no idea that you are having those thoughts. But your spirit is warning you, because a threat has been detected.

When everything is going good in your life, but then you befriend someone new, and everything in your life starts going crazy. Doors that once were open for you are now closing. Your kids are getting in trouble, and you are having problems sleeping. And, just like the undercover security start showing up, your friends start telling you for no real reason, and not knowing about your new friend, that you need to be careful of people that come into your life. It’s because a threat has been detected.

It’s very important to be mindful of things like this, because God will not allow you to walk into a fire without seeing the smoke first. He will always let you know when a threat to your marriage, relationships, success, and way of life and/or your family has been detected.

How Does It Feel To Mess With A Married Man?



by Belinda Kendall


I have always wondered how it would feel to mess with a married man.

How does it feel to lie down at night in an empty bed by yourself , while the man you love, sleeps in the bed with his wife every night.

How would it feel for people to come together, and celebrate their love during their anniversary and then wonder why your love is not celebrated by your friends?

How would it feel if you had a child by him, but he would only acknowledge the children by his wife in public? What will you tell your children when they ask about their father? How would it feel to abort your baby, while he celebrates the life of him and his wife’s children?

How would it feel to be a strong, smart, independent woman, but the words like, “I am working on it”, “I love you more”, “just be patient”, and “I don’t love her like you”, be enough to keep me pacified for years? How would it feel to watch all of your friends get married and start families while you wait for the fulfillment of promises from a man who lied to his own wife?

How would it feel to show up at an event where his wife is present and everybody that knows about you and him, treat you like the plague?

What if he died and everybody that is at the funeral only comfort his wife, and their children, and not acknowledge that you and your children have lost too?

How would it feel to have a man come over and pay a few bills, and treat you like an appointment that has to be penciled in sporadically, because it can change based on his wife desires?

How would it feel, should he end up leaving his wife, that he could do the same thing you all did to his first wife with somebody else? Or, wonder if will he go back to his wife, or if he’s still attracted to her because she is the one he asked to marry?

My Daddy used to say, “You can mess with a married man if you want to, but God have mercy on your soul, if she is a praying wife. It’s wicked to mess with a married man, because you will pay a high cost for your sins, and breaking the covenant they made in front God and man.”

How does it feel to know that you are the wicked one, and you and/or your children will pay the cost for your sins? Psalms 91:8 says, “Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.” Which means now that his wife, her friends, and family members know about the relationship they have front row seats to watch you and your children’s demise.

I guess I’m not really wondering how it would feel to mess with a married man, but rather why someone even do it.