A Threat Has Been Detected



by Belinda Kendall

In some very high end stores they have very unique security systems. They have cameras that will scan the faces of everyone that walks through the door. But once they detect a threat, everything changes, and only the associates know.

The associates will notice an increase presence of under cover security officers, the registers will send a message when they sign on to ring up a customers, and the camera will start flashing a different color light. All of these things happen to make sure the associates knows that a threat has been detected.

I believe the Holy Ghost acts the same way, because after all we are just spirits wrapped in different colors, and sizes of flesh. Where we can only see up the street, God can see down and around the street. This is the reason when we meet someone, and all they will say is, “Hello, or Good Morning” but after they walk away you get a strange feeling, because a threat has been detected, and you need not to deal with that person.

Your children can have friends over, and for some odd reason something is not right. So after your child’s friend leaves, you find yourself telling your child, “That person can’t came over here no more, nor are you allowed to play with them.” Now you don’t know why, but your spirit has detected a threat.

If you are married and a male/female friend comes to your house for the first time, and then after a few minutes you start having thoughts that they may be interested in your spouse. You are still nice to them, and just like the store associates they have no idea that you are having those thoughts. But your spirit is warning you, because a threat has been detected.

When everything is going good in your life, but then you befriend someone new, and everything in your life starts going crazy. Doors that once were open for you are now closing. Your kids are getting in trouble, and you are having problems sleeping. And, just like the undercover security start showing up, your friends start telling you for no real reason, and not knowing about your new friend, that you need to be careful of people that come into your life. It’s because a threat has been detected.

It’s very important to be mindful of things like this, because God will not allow you to walk into a fire without seeing the smoke first. He will always let you know when a threat to your marriage, relationships, success, and way of life and/or your family has been detected.


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