Do You Really Know?



by Belinda Kendall

Humans have about three reactions when it comes to them being uncomfortable. They are angry, mean, or they begin to talk all over themselves.

When you begin to date someone makes sure they can fit into your world comfortably. I know that a heart only knows another heart, but at the same time you got to make sure you introduce them to your world very early.

I remember a story about a couple, she was in law school, and the young man lived a very common life, good man, blue collar, and a hard worker. When he attended an event with her for the first time with other lawyers he became very uncomfortable, and he started loud talking her, so much so that they ended up leaving early.

Once they got home he begins to verbally abuse her, all because he felt like he was less than the people at the event. Sadly they went on to get married and the marriage ended, because in his mind he still was uncomfortable in her world. No matter how much to she told him she loved him.

It’s very important that when you are dating someone that you take all of this into considerations. It’s not fair to them, nor is it fair to you. Some of you are in relationships like this now, but if you would have taken this into consideration the relationship may have never developed.

When a person dates or marries you, they also date and marry your career, and if they are not comfortable in your world it could be a deal breaker. You don’t know what embarrassment feels like until someone you date or is married to embarrasses you, all because they are just uncomfortable.


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