How God Works


by Belinda Kendall

There was a lady that me and some others ladies helped get her and her children a home. It was maybe 90 days after she moved in, she invited a man that she had only knew for maybe 2 months to live with her, because she said that it made her home complete.

Within 6 months she was not able to pay her rent, and he lost his job, and claimed he couldn’t find anything so he stayed at home all day. She came to me crying saying, “Why has God forsaking me, and why is this all going on?”

I read to her the following scripture. Hebrews 12:2 says, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.”

I then explained to her how God works. You see you had faith to get this home for you and your children and He answered your prayers. Jesus has paid the cost to know what best for you at that time in your life. He is the Author, and the Finisher of your book. The problem came in when you tried to add a chapter that wasn’t ready to be written.

Jesus knew you and your children had been through a traumatic event by being homeless, and it wasn’t time for a man to come into your life. He knows you are mentally and physically weak, so He needed time to build you, and your children back up. But instead of you letting the Author, and the Finisher hold the pen that would write your story, you decided that you can write it better. So now things are out of order, and you are suffering because you grab the pen from God, and tried to write your own story.

Some of you look like people that go to the Dr. for help, and once he start treating your illness, for some odd reason you think you can now do it yourself.


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