Do you have the same Struggles?



by Belinda Kendall


I hear so many people talk about the mistake their parents made in life, and how bitter they are because of their childhood.

You know Jesus took our sins to the cross, so we didn’t have to bear them ourselves. Some of you remember your parents being addictive to drugs, drinking; begin whores, gamblers, abusive, and so many other things that you don’t have a problem with. Even some of you reading this, your children have seen you with this same behavior.

But isn’t interesting how you, or your children don’t struggle with those same issues. Could it be because you or your parents defeated that spirit, so you wouldn’t have to?

The only reason you don’t have a problem with drugs, or drinking is because you saw what your parents went through. You have been married to the same man/woman for years, because you know what a broken home feels like. Most of you would never dream putting your hands on your wife, because you remember the pain it caused your mother.

That same parent that you are so bitter about, and ashamed of is the only reason you don’t have those same issues. Little do you know that God allowed your parents and in some cases you to defeat that demon. Because He knew you or your children wouldn’t be able to handle it, it would have consumed you, and later destroyed you.

So the next time you think about what your parents took you though as a child you should tell them, “THANK YOU.” Because God knew you would not be strong enough to handle it, because, they saved your life, and broke a generational curse


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