Men are created to Control



by Belinda Kendall


Men are created to control; thus the reason they usually take charge in most situations.

I posted a video some time back called, “The Secret of Body Language.” One of the examples they gave was how the person that stands back, and opens the door is the one in control. Many men of power know this, and will sometimes race to get the door before you walk in, because this is their way they of telling you that they are in control.

Opening the door for a man, or woman is an act of control, because in so many ways they are giving you permission to enter, control. But if someone reaches the door before you and you go in first, to regain control, they will pat you on the back as to say, “Good Boy.”

So this got me to thinking. What does this mean when you are with a man and he doesn’t hold the door for you, but walks in before you?

The next time a man opens the door for you, pat him on his back and watch his reaction. If he ask you why did you do that, as if he is offend you may have a man that is in control. But if he say, “Thank you and smile, you may have a problem.

Try it and see, and please let me know what happens….


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