Soldiers of God



by Belinda Kendall


The Soldiers of God should act more like the US Military.

The US Military allow their Soldiers to go through struggles to make sure they are prepared for war, and leadership. Just like God allowed David to run from Saul without helping him, because God was preparing him to become the King.

When we see a General with all of his metals, we know he paid a great cost, and his metals are a sign of what he went through to become a General. Now some of those metals represents, lost love ones, rejection, judged, mocked, failed marriages, bravery, sadness, and even death itself. But, notice when a Soldier or a Vet comes into his presence or even near him, they stop what they are doing and salute him, whether the General can see him, or not. All because of what he has been through and overcome.

Some of you are just like Jesus in many ways. Even where you were born there was something different about you. But notice Jesus didn’t become the Savior, until he was beaten, lied on, mocked, judged, rejected, and killed, and then came back from the dead. Nobody wanted to hear what Oprah had to say when she was being molested, she was just another case. It was not until she overcame what she went through did people wanted to hear what she had to say. And, they stand when she enters a room.

So why do we have older Christians, trying to convince the new Christians that you never been through struggles, as if, you heard the Word of God and accepted it right away. You know better than me that some of you were saved by fear of hell, received Christ, and still sinned, until you got it right. And, most of us God had to arrest us into his kingdom, kicking and screaming.

God never met for you to be ashamed, embarrassed, or bitter about your past, God allowed you to go through it; because He knew you would come out on the other side, and bring somebody else through it. You are just like the General that demands respect for overcoming your struggles, and people want to hear what you have to say.


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