How Did You Make It?



by Belinda Kendall


People will ask other people that are in a position they want to be in, and want to know ask you how you made it. You need to always ask,” Why?’

It’s important that you always keep asking question, until you feel comfortable before sharing information. Because there are truly people out there that want to do better, they want to change their life, but at the same time there are people that just want to get in your business.

I had a lady today to come to me, because the person she has coached, and mentored all of a sudden told her personal business. She couldn’t understand how this person that she spent so much time with would turn around and put her past failures in the street.

If she would have asked, “Why you want me to mentor you?, what are your goals in life? Why do you think I can help you? And so on, she may not have ever shared so much information.

Please know some people are only pretending to need your help, when the real goal is to know your business, and tell anybody that will listen. Jealously comes in many forms, even a wolf in sheep clothing, the mother of the church, family members, friends, boy/girlfriends, or the co-worker that takes you to lunch everyday.

In many cases they are just jealous of your success, or position, and they want to get close to you, so they can mentally bring you down to their level. So when someone talks about your success, they can share your past failures and become the center of attention.

Little do they know there will always be someone listening, and saying to themselves, “If God can do it for them, I know God can do it for me.”


Never Judge



by Belinda Kendall


I have seen people judge other people for taking chances, and making mistakes. I have seen those same people grow old faster, because they have always lived a caution life. Because their fear was stronger than their faith, and now it shows. Please know they are a wealth of ideas, but the very thought that they would fail, or judged held them back.

But at the same time they become jealous of the people they once judge for taking chances, because they look younger, and always doing something new.

You can always pick the risk takers, out in a crowd, they laugh louder, they talk to strangers, and they always have a soft heart for people that are struggling, because they know how that feels first hand.

They tend to not have any fear, because they have been to hell and back, and what you think of them is their least concern. You can’t make them feel embarrassed about their past failures, that’s already been done, by friends and family. They have a usual and powerful faith in God, because they had to get to know God on their own without the filters man has put in place-traditions.

Their presence can be a bit intimating, because it’s like watching a dead man walk, people killed them years ago with their word, and are now surprise they are still standing. Thus the reason you shy away from them, because you had a part in killing them with your words, and actions in the past.

It’s not until you are older do you realize how much time you wasted doing the same thing day in, and day out.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

Are You A Victim?



by Belinda Kendall


When people have been through events in their life that are just down right horror, don’t feel sorry for them. Because when you do this you only feed into them being a victim. I never express any sorry for them. I also ask, “Who in the world are you that the devil would attack your childhood, and/or adulthood like that?”

The devil knew you were coming, so he started very early before your great-great grandparents were even born. If you were not sexually/physically abused as a child that meant that your parents didn’t allow the temptation to over take them. But later in life he found someone that would do it.

Every man/woman you loved hurt, cheated, mistreated, lied, and even abuses you in some matter, because the devil couldn’t get your parents, friends, and/or family to do it, in your childhood.

Because God knew you before you were even formed in your mother’s womb, God knew the reason you were created, but so did the devil.

The devil only attacks the ones with the greatest vision in life. If you could ever understand that you were not created for your pleasure, but was created for God’s pleasure, you would stop being mad, bitter, and sad.

So the next time you sit and think about the things you have been through in life, don’t feel sorry for yourself. But ask yourself, “Who in the world am I, because the things that happen to me are not normal? Why is it that other people can drink, and do drugs, but don’t end up with a habit? Why is it that I know people that cheat on their mate, and would pray for a wife/husband like me, but I never cheat on my mate, and he still throws his keys on other women tables all over town? How is it that I love and will do anything for my family, but they reject me?

If you start looking at things as they are-in the spirit, and not what you think they should be-in the natural, you will realize that you are a threat to the devil’s kingdom. The earth will yield its increase to ensure you become all God wants you to be. He will put you before kings, and queens, because the gift you were born with will make room for you.