How Did You Make It?



by Belinda Kendall


People will ask other people that are in a position they want to be in, and want to know ask you how you made it. You need to always ask,” Why?’

It’s important that you always keep asking question, until you feel comfortable before sharing information. Because there are truly people out there that want to do better, they want to change their life, but at the same time there are people that just want to get in your business.

I had a lady today to come to me, because the person she has coached, and mentored all of a sudden told her personal business. She couldn’t understand how this person that she spent so much time with would turn around and put her past failures in the street.

If she would have asked, “Why you want me to mentor you?, what are your goals in life? Why do you think I can help you? And so on, she may not have ever shared so much information.

Please know some people are only pretending to need your help, when the real goal is to know your business, and tell anybody that will listen. Jealously comes in many forms, even a wolf in sheep clothing, the mother of the church, family members, friends, boy/girlfriends, or the co-worker that takes you to lunch everyday.

In many cases they are just jealous of your success, or position, and they want to get close to you, so they can mentally bring you down to their level. So when someone talks about your success, they can share your past failures and become the center of attention.

Little do they know there will always be someone listening, and saying to themselves, “If God can do it for them, I know God can do it for me.”


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