Never Judge



by Belinda Kendall


I have seen people judge other people for taking chances, and making mistakes. I have seen those same people grow old faster, because they have always lived a caution life. Because their fear was stronger than their faith, and now it shows. Please know they are a wealth of ideas, but the very thought that they would fail, or judged held them back.

But at the same time they become jealous of the people they once judge for taking chances, because they look younger, and always doing something new.

You can always pick the risk takers, out in a crowd, they laugh louder, they talk to strangers, and they always have a soft heart for people that are struggling, because they know how that feels first hand.

They tend to not have any fear, because they have been to hell and back, and what you think of them is their least concern. You can’t make them feel embarrassed about their past failures, that’s already been done, by friends and family. They have a usual and powerful faith in God, because they had to get to know God on their own without the filters man has put in place-traditions.

Their presence can be a bit intimating, because it’s like watching a dead man walk, people killed them years ago with their word, and are now surprise they are still standing. Thus the reason you shy away from them, because you had a part in killing them with your words, and actions in the past.

It’s not until you are older do you realize how much time you wasted doing the same thing day in, and day out.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde


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