Get Some History – Before You Take Him Home


by Jewel Tyler

We are now living in a society where it is not safe for your children to go outside and play. It is not safe for your new boyfriend to meet your children; let alone be left with this new guy in your life. The news headlines continue on a daily basis reporting the abduction, molestation and death of small children. Even parents abusing and killing their children. When are people going to get a clue?

Women it is not cool or smart or safe to meet a guy online and then move him into your home without any real history of the individual. I am so tired of hearing stories about young girls being molested by some guy the mom met on some meat factory site.

Aside from the abuse and molestation of your child, you are enduring abuse from this person you met online. WHY? Can someone please help me understand this form of connecting and then engaging into a relationship with these guys?

I have a friend right now that met a guy online moved him in, he has physically and verbally abused her and he refuses to move out of her home. This is so dangerous on so many levels.

I am single now and happy to be that way, have I met guys online? Yes I have; you know what every one of them have issues (alcoholic, not working – faked it in the beginning, playas, mental issues, the list continues). I guess that is why they were online in the first place trying to meet someone.

Please be safe, smart, extra cautious and ensure you get HIStory!


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