Getting To Know People



by Belinda Kendall

You know that feeling you get when you come home and find out that you left the door wide open? You start thinking to yourself ‘how did this happen?’ You start replaying the events of the day and questioning your sanity. So now you are more mindful of the things you do when coming into and leaving the house. Now you start thinking about the valuable things that could have been taken, and most of all, the safety of your family. Now you are left with the thought of how one mistake could have cost you the safety of your family and your valuables.

This is the same feeling you get when someone you thought you knew comes into your life, and they wreak havoc. You start trying to remember when you met them. You start replaying your relationship. You start thinking about the conversations you had with them and if there were any red flags that you should have seen. Then your thoughts go to the possibilities of how this could have destroyed your career, your name, and your status in the community.


Thus the reason that it can be a slow dance when trying to get to know people.

So now, in the same way you find yourself double checking the door is locked when you leave home, you do the same with people, because the last time you let someone in and they wreaked havoc, it caused you to lose your sanity…although you did give the invitation.


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