Power In The Blood



by Belinda Kendall


I saw someone today that I met while traveling on my last job. We would always run into each other at different airport, but today her job brought her to Charlotte, NC.

Now she has a very interesting job, and you may have seen her on TV if you watch shows like Paranormal, The Haunting, or Ghost Chasers – but she is a STRONG Christian. She believes that this is her call in life, to confront, and with the Word of God sent back to hell. I asked her today, “What was the hardest case she have ever worked on when going to people’s homes that have paranormal events, or hauntings?” Her answer was, “Where there has been some type of blood shed.” She went on to tell me, “When there is some type of blood sacrifice, anything like where someone committed suicide, killed, or killed an animal after they confess the devil as their lord.” She said, “In most cases this will cause a seal that is impossible to remove. In cases like this we ask the family to just move. Even in cases where it seems like we got rid of it, it still comes through in one shape or form.”

Now while she was talking I was patting my feet, and started rocking. She stops speaking, and asked, “Are you getting upset, because I had told you some crazy stuff, why is this upsetting you?” I laughed and said, “I am not upset,I am rejoicing!!! But do you agree that the devil tries and repeat everything God does?” She said, “YES INDEED!!!”

I told her it all makes so much sense, you see Jesus died and was sacrifice for our sins. Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins of people that hadn’t even been born yet to commit. The difference is the devil has to keep repeating what God was able to do ONE TIME, through our Savior Jesus Christ.

This is the reason that no matter how far you get from God He is always there, and it is impossible to remove His seal on our Life! WHAT CAN SEPERATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD? NOTHING!!!! This is why even the backsliders can call on the Name of the Lord and He will answer, and they will be made whole!!! Funny thing is once a person confesses Jesus as Lord, they are marked for life, with His Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy!!!



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