Take A Stand


by Jewel Tyler

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you simply have to take a STAND.  A STAND for your happiness and your peace and joy.  There are too many individuals stuck in relationships and friendships that are not conducive to your future.  However, they remain and wish, hope and dream of a better tomorrow.

Ask yourself “Do I love me?”  If the answer is YES, then why are you still sitting there unhappy and sick and tired of being sick and tired?  There have been too many occasions of you being told you are less than what your true worth is overall.  Too many times you may have endured physical abuse as well as verbal.

This sort of abuse is not only administered from significant others, but even from individuals you classify as friends.  On the friend note, if they are gossiping to you about someone else; there is a guarantee they are gossiping about you to someone else.  Choose your friends wisely.

You say how do I take a STAND?  It is simple, first rule, know your self worth.  Secondly, separate yourself from everyone and fall deeply in love with YOU!  Don’t budge, do not entertain a relationship intimately with anyone until you are deeply in love with YOU!  Next set a standard, what I mean by this is make a list of what characteristics and qualities you require in friendships and intimate relationships.  Once you begin to open yourself back up to others remember your list and accept nothing less.  You have probably been compromising yourself for years for the happiness of others.

Yes it sounds a bit selfish, but guess what you only have ONE life to live!  So, why not enjoy every moment of every day.  You deserve it and better.


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