Unhealthy Relationships


by Belinda Kendall


Watching an unhealthy relationship come to an end, is like watching two people that have been in ICU for a long time, and one gets better.

Unhealthy relationships are formed when both people are at their lowest point in life. They are needy, sometimes depressed, bitter, and not sure of themselves. When one start having different ideas, bigger dreams, and doing something new, the other one sees the change in them. So that’s when the arguments start, the fights about anything, and everything, and the name calling begins.


These things happen because an unhealthy person is trying to express their love the best way they know how to get the other one to stay. But it’s more like two friends that have been sick together for a long time, and the other one starts to get better. All the fights, and name calling is because you got better, and they didn’t, and now you are leaving them behind.

It’s like watching two little puppies play, but as time goes on, one puppy gets bigger, and the other one stops growing. I guess that’s what people means when they say, “We out grew each other.”


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