Love Your Fellow Man


by Belinda Kendall

We preach to our children that they are to love their fellow man. Always be mindful of people in need, and never look down on others. We are to never look down on anybody, unless you are picking him up.

I found it so interesting that the above comment is made by Christians and non Christians. But isn’t interesting how something like the Healthcare Bill, will bring out the worst in people that preach this to their children?

The very thought that you would have to make adjustments in your budget to help people that can’t get Heath Insurance makes you forget what you preach to your children.

Here in North Carolina we have teachers that are on food stamps, and can’t even afford to buy milk for their children. They are not lazy, and we trust them to teach our children. Now think about the conversations you have had with people about the lazy people that were on food stamps. Its funny how once you put a face to people on food stamps, or should I say the faces TV doesn’t show you, your conversation changes.

I wish you could see the people that have insurance now because of the Heath Care bill, maybe your conversation will change too. Think about the family members you loved as a child, that died because they didn’t have health insurance?

Luke 12:48 says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

Now you may say, “MUCH!?!?, I don’t have much, really don’t anything, all I have is this small apartment, and can barely make ends meet. Because once I pay my bills, buy food, and gas, I barely have enough to make it to the next pay day.”

Well…I can take you to the shelter where a mother sits on the floor helping her children with their homework, while her suit hangs on the edge of the bed waiting for the next job interview. I can take you to a place near downtown called, “Tent City,” where people live outside, and wash, and drink from a dirty creek.

Now tell me now what’s you definition of the word, Much?


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